The Body Learns on YES
Free Video from Strozzi Institute Founder Richard Strozzi-Heckler and Senior Teacher Staci Haines
The Body Learns on
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  • What's so important about YES, and how it builds your 'somatic muscle of imagination' [0:59]
  • The embodied effect of YES and NO in Aikido [2:42]
  • Getting connected with what you long for [3:23]
  • Why it's harder to practice away from something [4:27]
  • The different somatic shapes of YES and NO [5:23]
  • An exercise for feeling YES in your body [6:36]
  • The key reason that YES can feel scary, and what to do with it [10:01]
  • The best way to deepen your journey to the aliveness of your YES [14:07]