The Blessings of the Waters



After a summer that elongated into November with a baking sun the waters have finally arrived. Dark leaden skies rumbling with thunder and bursts of lightning release long overdue rains. In aikido class we give thanks with ntenchi nage, heaven and earth technique, as the storm bangs on the windows. The ground turns dark and yielding and the rich aroma of plant, mineral and water promise new life. Huddled around standing water in the front pasture a doe drinks deeply as her two fawns playfully paw at their reflection. We celebrate knowing this doesn’t signal the end of the drought or to anesthetize ourselves from the reality of the climate crisis, but to give sincere thanks for the blessing of the waters.

This spring, The Art of Somatic Coaching: Embodying Skillful Action, Wisdom and Compassion, was released and it has spawned new life as well. Positive reviews, interviews, and book readings have further promoted the view of embodying and living our highest values and dreams. For forty-five years Strozzi Institute has led the way in developing, researching, and practicing how to listen to and act from the wisdom of our soma.

In addition to our other 2015 offers I will be holding a one-time special retreat: a four-day training focusing on somatic coaching at the Garrison Institute in New York this February. This unique course has been designed for professionals who are experienced in developing people, including seasoned coaches who are interested in incorporating somatics, senior leaders who develop people, therapists, and somatic coaches who want to deepen their skills.  We will center on the presence, techniques, and perception needed for somatic coaching, and dive deeply into the foundational elements of this methodology. Enjoy the waters that bring new life to term.

Take it easy but take it