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Customized Programs for Developing Teams and Companies 
Align Your Purpose with Masterful Action
Our science-based programs mobilize leaders, teams, and companies to fulfill their purpose, expand their leadership, and create lasting success through daily practice.
Solve Your Most Pressing Challenges
We partner with teams and companies to develop customized programs to solve the most common organizational and human capital challenges facing business today. Rather than one-off programs, we engage over time to assure that new frameworks and practices become a part of the way things work.
Leadership & Strategy
Growing the full range of an individual, team or company’s capacity and possibility for leadership.
 Focusing on mastery of communication to coordinate action, trust, and clarity of outcome; and develop resiliency around both failures and successes.
Employee Engagement
Improving employee commitment to organizations’ goals and values, while also enhancing their own sense of well-being.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Assisting teams from different workplace cultures to embrace change and align on a shared declaration and shared processes. 
Helping organizations and managers develop a more equitable, inclusive and accessible work environment that maximizes the potential of all employees.
Removing the blind spots from leaders and a team in order to unleash creativity. Offering a methodology for extending human behavior into technology instead of being controlled by the technology we use.
Sustainable Business
Serving people, the natural world and the economy with increased capacity and resources.
A Note From Founder Richard Strozzi-Heckler
"I’ve worked closely for 45 years with a wide range of leaders and leaders-to-be from Navy Seals to social entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 Executives to non-profits and start-ups. It’s my lived experience that leadership is something that can be learned, and it’s generated in relationship with others. Exemplary leadership is not a thing – the correct genes, an appointment, a technique, or the chance of the draw that favors one individual over another. Exemplary leadership is a way of being, whether you’re leading others or leading your own life.  It’s a skill and art that can be development through commitment and practice."
Our Clients
We are honored to work with a diversity of organizations—from sustainable business visionaries, to notable multi-national companies, to budding entrepreneurs.
Over 45 Years of Experience
Our unique and powerful embodied leadership methodology positions us as the leading institution shaping executives, teams and leaders toward mastery in their business. We have over 45 years experience in delivering innovative programs for organizations around the globe that include Fortune 500, large governmental agencies, small business, B-corps, NGOs, U.S. Military, and NATO.
Participants say it best
Peter Maynard, SVP, Global Capabilities Equifax

Former SVP Retail Bank Decision Sciences, Capital One

"Our team was a bunch of statisticians, data analysts, and business analysts in Capital One bank. The company was in an intense period of acquiring other banks. And our job was to transform these banks with data and analytics…We had all these different partners that we needed to work with and we needed to lead change in the organization…We were frustrated because we didn’t know how to articulate our ideas in terms of business relevance. They pointed at us, ‘You guys aren’t being effective? Figure it out.’ My colleague and I were not seeing an HR leadership development program that would address this in our organization nor anywhere in the marketplace…That’s where Strozzi Institute came in: And then it was a different world. We started having the impact we needed to have with these acquired business units and with our internal stakeholders. We were communicating clearly and effectively. And we got great feedback about our team. Most importantly we created future generational leaders. In fact, two of our team members recently been promoted to Vice President, which has been fantastic."
Nancy Hutson, Former SVP Pfizer Global R&D

"There is no doubt in my mind that these practices build effective leaders. And effective leaders build effective organizations. Leadership is a performing art. It's very important as a leader to be able to understand the mood you are setting, how you are showing up, how your body is in the moment since most communication is through body language. So the awareness that each team member got, including myself, through these practices, gave us the ability to connect more effectively with colleagues. The investment in time and financial resources on this training for the R&D team was returned to us many many times over."
Robb Giammatteo, EVP-CFO, Ascena Retail Group

"The level of depth and relationships that’s developed as a result of Strozzi’s work has really been quite significant in the year that I’ve been involved with it. I’ve gone from a team of peers and folks who interact with each other to people that really understand what their partner offers and where their partner comes from – really, what makes them tick. And as a result, we’ve gotten to a place where under stressful situations, we’re able to understand what’s important to that person, where they’re coming from, and really work more effectively together."
Adam Forest, Managing Partner, Forest Group

"We’ve all been on teams where we feel like we’re pulling in the same direction, it feels really right, it feels like we’re moving forward but somehow it’s effortless. That’s what the Strozzi Institute allows us to do as a team. And it is, without question, the single best, richest and fastest way to develop a team that I have ever seen." 
Ken Kirkey, Senior Planning Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

"Strozzi Institute did and continues to do an outstanding job at helping government employees with disparate backgrounds and skill sets and who came from differing workplace cultures to embrace change and to be enthusiastic about new processes and a new culture. As you might imagine, a staff consolidation of any two organizations can be a time of great stress and uncertainty." 
Real Change is Embodied
Embodiment is when one's actions consistently reflect their values and commitment, especially under pressure. To make sustainable improvements in our teams or companies, we have to "embody" new ways of being, new conversations, and new actions. Strozzi Institute is the original architect of Embodied Leadership: a unique approach that combines neuroscience, holistic practice, action-oriented communication and mindfulness. It leads directly to higher performance and increased employee resilience and well-being for individuals, and lasting cohesion, coordination and innovation for teams.  With our programs, individuals and groups engage in recurrent, purposeful practices of mind, emotions, language, and body over time in order to achieve mastery in their roles, teams, and organizations.
Quality Teachers
We have the most rigorous standards for our teachers of any leadership organization. We deliver on the promises of embodied leadership in action, assuring a level of mastery on behalf of our teachers. Meet our Senior Teachers:
Richard Strozzi-Heckler
Staci K. Haines
Pete Hamil
Susie Nichols
A.J. Pape
Nathan Shara
Lisa Thomas-Adeyemo
Tim Tolliver
David Treleaven
A New Status Quo for Business
The best and brightest companies across the globe are investing in the leadership development of their employees. Why? 

We are in a new era of business: one that calls for, and is being shaped by, a more enlightened leadership. And these leaders at the helm see human capital as the most needed resource for successful ventures.

Research shows that leaders are great not solely because of their technical skills or position, but because of who they are. Qualities like trust, the ability to hold complexity, creativity under pressure, and leadership presence are essential, and in our approach, learnable.

At Strozzi Institute, we grow leaders. We see a "leader" as someone with the ability to mobilize and inspire both themselves and others into purposeful action. A leader can respond, rather than react. They lead their team, department, or company toward possibility and grounded results.
How it Works
We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how our programs can meet the needs of your company or team.
1. Initial Consultation
It's easy to get started, just fill out the interest form below and we'll schedule a 1-hour consultation.
2. Program Design
We’ll begin with a collaborative exploration of your needs and desired outcomes. We’ll then customize and design a program that meets, and ideally exceeds, these goals.
3. Training
Once the program is designed, we'll select a time and location and bring your team on board for a transformative experience.
Get Started
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Strozzi Institute's Corporate Programs and other leadership trainings?
The difference is in our method. Our programs use an embodied learning approach, which is different than solely cognitive approaches that are widely used in leadership and team development. We see that addressing the developmental potential of the whole person—thinking, feeling, acting, and relating—produces more effective and sustainable change for individuals and organizations. Our holistic approach allows leaders and teams to take new actions aligned with their outcomes and values. Leaders gain new skills and abilities, not just new ideas.
Why embodied learning?
There is a difference between academic knowledge and embodied knowledge. We do not transform ourselves through new thinking or good ideas alone. We do not take new actions or develop trust in our teams through a PowerPoint or by reading it in a manual. To make sustainable improvements in our leadership, our teams, or our companies, we have to “embody” new ways of being, new conversations, and new actions. The way to achieve this is by learning holistically. With Strozzi Institute’s Corporate Programs, you learn to establish a series of recurrent practices of mind, emotions, language, and body. Research shows that 300 repetitions produces muscle memory (the ability to purposefully take a new action), and that 3000 repetitions creates embodiment (being able to take this new action automatically, even under pressure). Research also points to requiring 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to produce mastery in an area. Strozzi Institute focuses on embodied learning—in which individuals and groups engage in recurrent, purposeful practices over time in order to achieve mastery in their roles, teams and organizations.

What can I expect from partnering with Strozzi Institute?
We’ll begin with a collaborative exploration of your needs and desired outcomes. What changes do you see as necessary for the outcomes you seek? We’ll then custom and design a program that meets, and ideally exceeds, these goals.

Our programs develop leaders, teams, and companies that are confident, dynamic, and authentic, and who skillfully execute on their commitments. SI methodology is based in neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, mindfulness, psychology, and martial arts. We call this holistic approach “Somatics.” Our Corporate Programs deliver innovative content on leadership, team development, and new distinctions for effective coordination in organizations. We pair this with experiential exercises and team practices. This combination links vision to action, and knowledge to know-how.

Do you provide coaching support for my employees after the program?
Yes. Coaching is relevant for leaders at all levels of an organization. It can be particularly impactful as a way to sustain and deepen the learning of the programs. We customize executive and leadership coaching as part of an ongoing organizational program.
Who should participate in the program(s)?
Our programs support executives, boards, directors, managers, teams, and emerging leaders to excel to their next level of success. Depending on your organization’s goals, we can assist you in assessing the best team and leaders to engage. We combine purpose, leadership presence, and pragmatic skills in effective coordination, to serve powerful development.
How many people can participate in the program(s)?
We work with executive teams and boards from small groups to large departments and company wide. Program size may vary depending on your specific organizational goals and needs. Feel free to contact us directly in order to determine the best program(s) that works for you.
How far in advance should I plan a program?
Please contact our office in order to collaborate on timeline, deliverables, and program details. Starting with conversations between our team and your key stakeholders, we will identify and understand your specific organizational needs and goals. We will then recommend or design a program that best suits your needs.
Where are the programs conducted?
Corporate Programs can be held at your corporate offices, or in an off-site retreat that suits your company. We also happily host programs at our Dojo training site in the beautiful rolling hills of Northern California. Please contact us directly to discuss space requirements.