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A rigorous pathway to become a teacher at the Strozzi Institute
The Next Generation of Embodied Teachers

The aim of the Strozzi Institute Teacher Training Program (SITT) is to develop depthful and embodied teachers of Strozzi Institute’s methodology who carry forth our living lineage. The SITT participants are prepared to teach Strozzi Institute’s Embodied Leadership programs, our certified Somatic Coaching Program and within our corporate partnerships.

Our teachers are the embodiment of Strozzi Institute and our work in the world – expressing our mission, our methodology, our brand and our best practices. We take our teacher development seriously, and love doing it!


We are seeking a next generation of embodied leaders to meet the growing demand for our corporate and organizational trainings, as well as public coaching and leadership courses. Through a rigorous program of study and a committed community of practice, this program allows us to develop embodied teachers who can bring the transformational power of Strozzi Institute into our public and corporate offerings.

We seek seasoned facilitators with experience and competence in one or more of the following domains:

  • Organizational development & strategy
  • Coaching (leadership, executive, organizational, business, etc.)
  • Corporate leadership development
  • Diversity and Inclusion training
  • Facilitating transformative group space
  • Ongoing transformative or embodiment practices

All qualified applicants, including people of color, women, LGBTQ identified individuals, differently-abled and those from all class backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

The path of embodied transformation is a methodology that someone develops into over time. As such, the SITT program is not a one-time three hundred hour teacher certification. Nor is it a training-of-trainers for consultants to bring somatics into their individual work or projects. Rather, we are building a team of committed teachers who can competently teach the Strozzi Institute’s somatic methodology to leaders, teams, organizations and coaches, and be a compelling representative of Strozzi Institute in years to come. We serve multiple constituencies, including: sustainable business, benefit corporations, and corporate partnerships; as well as the fields of coaching, leadership development and personal transformation. Strozzi Institute and our teachers, together, forward the field of somatics.

Program Details

Strozzi Institute Teacher Training is a multi-year path, and includes intensive development with Strozzi Institute senior teachers.

The program includes three 4-day in-person SITT trainings (12 days total) per year at The Dojo in Petaluma. The training sessions include:

  • Monthly Zoom webinars with the SITT community of practice to explore advanced levels of embodiment methodology.
  • Monthly team and buddy calls to share progress towards your teacher development goals and prepare teaching pieces.
  • Engagement in daily practices toward embodiment of the methodology, developing relevance for student audiences, alignment with the vision and mission, and your own growth and development.
  • Support and accountability structures to maintain daily transformative practices.
  • Being part of a diverse and dynamic community of teachers-in-training with expertise in multiple domains.
  • Access to an online library of audio and written materials to support teacher development.
  • Learn advanced practices and teaching distinctions with Senior Teachers Nathan Shara and David Treleaven with guest teaching by Staci K. Haines, Richard Strozzi-Heckler and Jennifer Ianniello.
  • The Teacher Training program is free for participants, with the exception that participants pay for their own travel, lodging & meal costs.

We recommend that Teacher Training candidates complete a minimum of two courses at the Strozzi Institute, including an Embodied Leadership Level One course and one of the additional courses listed below. This will assist you in experiencing the methodology, teachers and study body while deepening your own leadership embodiment.  Scholarships for courses are available – for more information, contact us at sitt@strozziinstitute.com.

  • Embodied Leadership Level Two
  • School of Embodied Leadership (SOEL)
  • Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Program (SISC)
  • Somatic Bodywork Level One
  • Somatics, Trauma and Resilience
Embodiment of Strozzi Institute Quality
All SITT participants are engaged in intensive development to embody the SI teaching standards and quality of work.  
This ranges from knowing and being able to teach all of the methodology to a diversity of students; to embodying the practices and being able to demonstrate and model them; to honing your ability to read the embodied “shape” of a group and know how to move them through an arc of embodied change. We see that it takes 3-5 years to embody this methodology, and then it is an ongoing path of deepening and mastery.  
Placement on Teaching Teams
SITT Program trainees participate on teaching teams in SI public courses and corporate partnerships.
Each year, SITT members are placed on teaching teams to learn, ”from the inside out.” In these roles, you learn SI’s programs, curriculum, student support, fulfilling promises of course, and the organization. The lead teacher mentors and supports each trainees's development and offers assessments for growth. When ready, trainees will get to “take it to the mat" and teach programs in the Assistant, Co-Lead or Lead teaching levels. 
Strozzi Institute Vision + Mission
SITT participants engage in Strozzi Institute's vision and mission.  It is why we exist.
Strozzi Institute is an organization, a training and consulting offer, a path of transformation, and it is primarily a mission. Strozzi Institute’s mission is to produce leaders and organizations that embody pragmatic wisdom, skillful action, and grounded compassion; who can use conflict as a generative force. 
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