Strozzi Somatics

Leaders as Pan narrans

  Somewhere around two hundred thousand years ago we Homo Sapiens received the evolutionary nod over our Neanderthal cousins even though we were scrawnier, slower, undernourished, and just so-so toolmakers.  Then for reasons that are still being sorted out we developed language and that changed everything.  We not only climbed higher on the evolutionary ladder, …

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  The concept of resilience has become more wide spread in the last years and is beginning to be used within leadership and team development and building resilient organizational cultures.  What is resilience and why is it relevant to our lives and our work? Resilience, in its common usage, is our capacity to “bounce back,” …

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Meditation: Cultivating Center Everywhere, Here Now

    The practice of meditation has been with us for thousands of years. It’s evolved out of contemporary religious traditions as well as the more ancient Paleolithic traditions. The early people took their teachings from nature, the heavens, the ground of being, the wisdom of the collective unconscious, and the mythology of the tribe. …

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