strozzi institute

Leaders as Pan narrans

  Somewhere around two hundred thousand years ago we Homo Sapiens received the evolutionary nod over our Neanderthal cousins even though we were scrawnier, slower, undernourished, and just so-so toolmakers.  Then for reasons that are still being sorted out we developed language and that changed everything.  We not only climbed higher on the evolutionary ladder, …

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Mastery and Practice

    What is a somatic practice for mastery?  I suppose we could come up with something complex, new and multifaceted, but I am drawn toward the simple and direct to explore mastery. I propose using Centering as your practice for mastery for the next 3 months*, every day.  Practicing every day, and a curiosity …

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Mastery as Path

    Mastery is a path that has no destination. Mastery is a study of the inexplicable mystery of life moving towards life. This path is available to us any time, anywhere; it’s as close to us as our breath. It requires that we pay attention, wholeheartedly, robustly, and with ample amounts of love. Mastery …

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