Stuart McCalla

Stuart McCalla is a Managing Partner at  Evolution who supports senior leaders and leadership teams of fast-growing companies. By helping these teams with curiosity, empathy, and rigor, they are able to grow into long-term success.  Stuart has worked with clients at Slack, Glassdoor, Dropbox, Twitter, Eventbrite, ADP, and many others.  He also currently works with the organization Next Chapter, whose mission is to support the formerly incarcerated community in securing tech opportunities. 

As an executive and leadership coach trained in multiple coaching modalities, which includes deep process work and Agile Methodologies. Stuart has the skills to create profound outcomes in leaders who want to lead without reacting,  and instead lead through building lasting change in themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Stuart has formal training in various professional coaching methodologies, ranging from the individual level to the collective. His experience includes over 15 years of peer counseling, through work focused on Sexism, Racism, and  LGBTQ issues. Stuart advocates for the elimination of these issues, by finding spaces for members of underrepresented or target groups, to heal and reflect. Some of his tools and methodologies include the Leadership Circle Profile Assessment certification and the Enneagram for individual growth. By bringing all of these perspectives to the work with his clients, Stuart is able to create profound, and lasting transformational change.

Stuart currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, daughter, and 6 chickens.