Rolando Brown

Rolando Brown is an award-winning Community Developer, Artist, and Entrepreneur. With more than 20 years of executive consulting experience across a range of industries and sectors, Rolando serves as a capacity building coach and a growth marketing consultant.

His core areas of expertise are growth strategy and marketing operations. Before the global pandemic of COVID-19 redirected his efforts to becoming a competent Babalawo and Psychonaut, he dedicated his time to leading the Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams at Red Bay Coffee–the nation’s premiere African-American and Women-owned B Corp certified coffee company, of which he currently serves as an investor and Board Member.

Rolando majored in Leadership and Management Studies at New York University, with concentrations in Communications & Technology. Rolando is a lifelong learner and continues to study human aspiration, collaboration, conflict, and reconciliation.

Rolando serves or has served on the following Boards: Strozzi Institute, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA),, The Advocacy Institute, ParentsTogetherAction, and the Hip-Hop Education Center at NYU Metropolitan Center for Urban Education.

He splits his time between Philadelphia, PA, Brooklyn, NY, and Oakland, CA.