Lise Melvin – Co-Director


Lise Melvin is a certified Somatic Coach, a global leader in sustainability, and a mother. At her back is a 20+ year career in collaborative efforts to change systems globally, and a decade+ of working with embodiment and somatics. She now teaches with the Strozzi Institute and serves as Co-Director, alongside having a live coaching and bodywork practice.

Lise is a highly skilled facilitator, who inspires immediate trust and openness, and is masterful at holding space and tapping into the energy in a room to support transformation and collaboration.

She spent 8 years advising the United Nations on how to transform food and agriculture systems through collaboration. She is the founding CEO of the Better Cotton Initiative – set up to transform cotton production to be more sustainable globally. She has a Bachelors in Environmental Life Science and a Masters in Responsibility in Business Practice.

Lise is committed to bringing her full power to creating a more sustainable and just world for all beings, and lives with a deep respect for diversity and difference. Lise meditates daily alongside other practices that resource her aliveness and resilience. She has studied the Vedas, compassionate communication, storytelling, deep ecology, and systems change. And has transformed her own self and redesigned her life numerous times.