Fay Kallel
Fay Kallel is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and energy therapist. She brings decades of experience building businesses in the mobile, advertising and Artificial Intelligence industries. Motherhood ushered Fay into a path of exploring energy modalities and holistic healing. 
Fay is currently leading product and design at SigOpt, developing solutions to drive enterprise AI transformation. Prior to that she led the organization responsible for building Yahoo! online media ad platforms for Video, Mobile and Social monetization. Earlier in her career, Fay drove product leadership roles at Adobe, Vodafone, Netscape and several early stage startups. She worked with the Open Mobile Alliance where she led the invention of SyncML standard, pioneering device-agnostic email push services and co-authoring several patents.
Understanding the privilege of parenting and its potential in healing, nurturing and growing an empathetic, resilient and peaceful generation started Fay on an energetic quest. From mastering Access Consciousness Bars’ method, to practicing Transcendental Meditation and Hatha Yoga, to being certified in Hypnotherapy and other energy healing modalities. She is in awe of the human vessel, its consciousness and the journey of growth through healing. 
Fay holds a Masters in Computer Science from her home country, Tunisia. She finds great inspiration in painting, sculpting and reading. Fay lives in the bay area, CA, enjoys cooking and being in nature with her son Noah and husband Al.