B Stepp – Faculty Teacher

B Stepp (they/them) believes in the undeniable power of our bodies to produce the conditions for transformation and liberation.

B is a somatic practitioner, facilitator, teacher, and community organizer living on unceded Duwamish/Coast Salish land in Seattle, WA. Inside of all of their work, B invites us to dream beyond binaries of all kinds, and towards our biggest and most alive visions for liberation. B holds that how free each of us is able to get is deeply tied to how free all of us are and that we must always hold individual and collective change as deeply interconnected.

B’s healing lineage includes 12 years of ongoing training with generative somatics, an active vipassana meditation practice, participation in and great inspiration from Black liberation struggles, movements committed to abolition and transformative justice, tenant organizing, anti-imperialist struggle, western psychotherapy and nutrition, and their many lived experiences (and those of their working class ancestors) as a Black and white mixed race, queer, nonbinary person.

In the lineage of Toni Cade Bambara, they are committed to making liberation and the path to revolution irresistible.

When B isn’t working, they are training Muay Thai, going to punk shows, dancing in their living room, connecting with their community, hanging out with their 3 perfect and amazing cats, reading lots of good movement theory, and going for walks through their neighborhood with their dog, June.