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Somatics, Trauma, & Resilience
Bring Back Your Imagination for a Positive Future
November 4 - 7, 2021

Trauma resolves itself when it is addressed directly with the right tools and practice.
Course Description
This 4-day intensive course, designed by Staci K. Haines, author of "The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing and Social Justice", is for coaches or leaders who want to increase their resilience and successfully address deeper aspects of transformation. We define transformation as the ability to take new actions aligned with your values and vision, even under the same old pressures.

Many people have experiences that deeply impact their sense of safety, connection, and/or significance. The symptoms of these experiences (lack of trust, sense of shame, need to protect, dissociation) tend to last long after the experiences are over.

When we have been hurt in a significant way, we can try to "manage" our survival behaviors, but unless transformed directly, they will emerge under pressure (both good and bad pressures) every time.

Somatics understands the workings of both individual and social trauma. In this course, we will increase resilience, help to transform survival reactions into new choices, and learn to "blend" with things that have long been withheld, so that they can complete and mend. 

Free Resource
What is resilience and why is it relevant to our lives and our work?
I wrote this piece to help you understand what resilience really is and why it's so important for leaders to cultivate.
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"I had forgotten what it feels like to accept and feel safety and support in my body. I now have practices to welcome those in and assess trauma with more ground."
- Owen Karcher
Course Promises
Learn how to recognize and cultivate resilience (somatically) to support a sense of wholeness, choice, and possibility.

  • Deepen and expand your understanding of short and long term impact of trauma on the mind, body, emotions, and relationships.
  • Learn to regenerate a sense of safety, from the inside out.
  • Address the understandable sense of shame after trauma.
  • Develop a step-by-step process in transforming shame to forgiveness (especially of self), centered accountability (rather than over or under accountable), and holding complexity.
  • Assess and acknowledge one's own competence with healing trauma to confidently know when to engage further support or refer a client or team member to a trauma specialist.
  • Complete the course with practices to use with yourself or clients to sustain healing and choice, and generate safety and trusting connection with others.
  • Cultivate resilience, assess development needs, and address reactions such as shame, proving, or an inability to take feedback that can stem from older wounds. 
Quality Teachers
We have the most rigorous standards for our teachers of any leadership training organization. We deliver on the promises of embodied leadership in action, assuring a level of mastery on behalf of our teachers.

​​​​​​​Below are possible teachers for this course.
Staci K. Haines
Course Details
Embodied Leadership Level One or School of Embodied Leadership, both found in our Embodied Leadership Pathway.
Dates and Timing
Course dates vary; please see below for options. The training is held 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday and 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.
This course is primarily offered at the Strozzi Institute dojo (which means "place of training" in traditional Japanese arts) located on a 13-acre ranch in the rolling hills of Petaluma, California. 
Transportation Food, and Lodging
Organic meals (with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options), sourced and prepared locally, are provided for lunches during all training days. Transportation and lodging are not included. Recommended lodging options for our Petaluma location.
Strozzi Institute is committed to making our courses as available and accessible as possible. We offer a limited number of scholarships to students. Scholarship details.
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November 4-7, 2021
Petaluma, CA
You can pay the full $1,950 tuition now, or make 2 monthly payments of $975.
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