Somatic Coaching Certification
An Immersive Eight-Month Certification Program
Begins February 7th, 2019
Petaluma, CA
Empower Your Clients to Embody Their Full Potential 
For transformation to occur, you must include a key component that most coaching omits: the wisdom of the body. Our coaches embody the somatic practices, distinctions, and presence required to offer paradigm-shifting work to clients. 

In this robust program, you will not only become a more effective coach, you will deep-dive into your own embodied learning journey. 

Insight and knowledge alone can't produce breakthrough behavior change. To reliably achieve lasting change, you need the expertise developed through somatic coaching.

Somatic coaching moves the center of learning from the head into the body, giving you and your clients access to all aspects of your intelligence—intellectual, emotional, and physical. 

This unique approach prepares coaches to facilitate sustained, transformative change in their work with individual clients and leaders. We define transformation as the ability to take new actions aligned with your values and vision, even under the same old pressures. 

We call it Embodied Learning.
Groundbreaking Methodology to Produce Sustainable Change with Your Clients
Strozzi Institute is the original architect of embodied leadership and somatic coaching. Our methodology has been fine-tuned over 45 years of development and it produces reliable, sustainable change.  

In our breakthrough methodology, we use body-based practices, mindfulness, martial arts, action-oriented communication, and generative conflict training to identify conditioned patterns that limit performance and create new neural pathways and new possibilities for our clients.  

Our Somatic Coaching Certification Program was established in 2001 as the world’s first and most comprehensive somatic coaching program. In our program, you’ll ground yourself in somatic practices, become a more powerful and effective coach, and discover how an embodied learning approach can create lasting change for you and your clients. 
Certification in Somatic Coaching and ICF Coaching
All students enrolled in our coaching program are eligible for our Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification. 

In addition, we offer the training required to become an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach. Our program has been recognized by ICF as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. 

Students have the option to upgrade into a dual certification process and combine training for our Somatic Coaching Certification with our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for an individual coaching accreditation through ICF via the ACTP pathway if they meet the credentialing application requirements. 

In this option, students participate in an additional coaching track during our 8 month somatic coaching program. The ICF certification option provides mentor coaching, one-on-one coaching, webinars, and evaluation to prepare students to master the ICF Core Competencies and elevate their coaching business. 
Margaret Echols
MBA, MA, CIC, CSC, MCC, Faculty at Georgetown Coaching Program

"Without Somatics you have a truncated coaching relationship. Most coaching, in it current form, brings in the things that people already do well—talk—without the grounded understanding of the body and emotions that bring it all together. And without that full understanding and knowing, coaching is only a few steps up from talking with a friend. Strozzi Institute opens people up to be truly freer for new action that you can’t get to otherwise. The coaching industry needs Somatics."
Facilitate Breakthrough Change With Your Clients
Somatic coaching is a transformational process that empowers individuals to more effectively fulfill on their commitments, to work more skillfully with others, and to embody new, generative ways of being. At the completion of this program, you will be able to facilitate breakthrough change with your clients in the following ways:
Build resilience, flexibility, and agility
Increase their self-confidence in new areas
Accelerate their career trajectory
Assist them to manage an increasingly complex world
Introduce them to the "felt experience" of being embodied
Give them access to multiple intelligences that live in the body
Cultivate their leadership presence
Focus their talents into purposeful action 
Create the capacity for them to produce valuable results
A Note From Founder Richard Strozzi-Heckler
"Our proven methodology has successfully transformed thousands of lives. Now we want to give it to you so you may be the source of transformation in the lives of your clients."
Is Somatic Coaching Certification for You?
The benefits of embodied learning and somatic practices are useful for anyone looking to bring their whole self to the task of meeting the challenges and hopes of our times in new and more effective ways, including:
Coaches and consultants who see life as it is and as it could be, and are called to bridge the gap for their clients
Mission-driven business leaders and high performers seeking greater performance, profit, and impact
Social entrepreneurs looking to facilitate change by cultivating more active and vital communities 
Healers, educators, parents, and other caretakers who need to stay centered as they support others
Beata Lewis
Executive Coach and Change Consultant

"What will give you a leg up? Will it be knowing more? You probably know a lot already. You’re probably already an expert. The real leg up is how you move more masterfully in the world and how you get other people to move masterfully with you. You will do that here. You won’t just talk about it—you will do it."
What You'll Learn
Our Somatic Coaching Certification Program includes four 4-day retreats, one-on-one mentor coaching, mentoring groups, webinars, and online learning. Training takes place over 8 months and includes 152.5 contact hours.
Session One: Somatic Transformation
February 7-10, 2019
The best coaches embody the terrain of somatic transformation through their own lived experience. In this introductory session, dive into the core somatic practices to deepen your authentic leadership presence and take action towards your vision. Learn how to shift ineffective moods and use conflict as a generative force. Develop somatic skills to confidently embody the coach you want to be, starting from the most important place: your own presence.
Session Two: Somatic Coaching Foundation
March 21-24, 2019
Establish your somatic coaching foundation through experiential practices, lectures, small and large group discussions, and observation of live coaching sessions. Set clear coaching agreements and incorporate ICF coaching competencies into your sessions. Learn essential somatic bodywork skills to enhance your coaching offer, including rhythmic breathwork patterns and quality of touch. Identify how your client has been shaped by the world and assess the conditioned behaviors that stand in their way of their vision. 
Session Three: Advanced Practice
May 30-June 2, 2019
Step into the next level of your coaching practice. Facilitate transformative conversations with your peers and receive assessments on your coaching presence, your questioning, and your listening. We will discuss the standards and protocols of ethical practice, including how to plan and structure a somatic coaching session, how to assess a client’s somatic shape, and how to facilitate a transformative coaching experience based on what your client cares about.
Session Four: Certification
August 22-25, 2019
All your hard work culminates to integrate the theory, practices, and processes you’ve been working with over the last 7 months. You’ll prepare for and receive a final performance evaluation from a mentor coach who will offer feedback on all aspects of your development and embodiment as a Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach. You’ll also develop a clear set of next steps to continue deepening your practice as a lifelong learner and get the support you need to graduate into the field of coaching feeling confident and competent.
Between Sessions: Practice and Continued Learning
Between each session, there will be group mentor coaching calls, one-on-one sessions with your mentor coach, work with practice clients, and somatic theory sessions. Plan for approximately 10 hours per month.
Shen Weiss
Engineering Development Specialist

"Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification was a transformative journey personally and professionally as a coach. My ability to sense myself and others widened and deepened tenfold. Everyone in the program was held with so much care and rigor. I know I made professional friendships that will last a lifetime."
Quality Teachers
We have the most rigorous standards for our teachers of any coach training organization. We deliver on the promises of embodied leadership in action, assuring a level of mastery on behalf of our teachers.
Senior Teachers
Richard Strozzi-Heckler
Paola Laird
Staci K. Haines
David Treleaven
Nathan Shara
Mentor Coaches
Amy BeberVanzo
Merle McKinley
Course Details
Session 1: February 7-10, 2019
Session 2: March 21-24, 2019
Session 3: May 30-June 2, 2019
Session 4: August 22-25, 2019
Our Somatic Coaching Certification Program is offered on a 13-acre ranch in the rolling hills of Petaluma, California. Strozzi Institute’s training site is a dojo which means "place of training" in traditional Japanese arts.
All students in this program are eligible to receive the Strozzi Institute’s Somatic Coaching Certification. Our program has also been recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. Those who opt Into the ICF coaching track are eligible to apply for an individual coaching accreditation through ICF via our ACTP pathway.
Participation in Embodied Leadership Level One (formerly Leadership in Action One), is required prior to the start of the program. 

We recommend you register for Embodied Leadership Level One as soon as possible to ensure your eligibility for the Somatic Coaching Certification program. If Embodied Leadership Level One courses appear full, please schedule a consultation with our Director of Enrollment to help facilitate your enrollment in a course. We will work with you to make sure you are able to enroll in the Somatic Coaching Program. 

Transportation, Lodging, and Food
Organic meals (with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options), sourced and prepared locally, are provided for continental breakfasts and lunches during all training days. Transportation and lodging are not included. Recommended lodging options
Strozzi Institute is committed to making our courses as available and accessible as possible. We offer a limited number of scholarships to students. Scholarship details
Course Costs
Register before November 15th to receive the Early Bird Discount
Early Bird Discount—Before November 15th
We have a limited number of Early Bird Discounts available for purchases completed before November 15th.

The Early Bird tuition for the Somatic Coaching Certification Program is $10,450. 

The optional International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) is $2,500.

In order to secure the Early Bird Discount you must either pay the full payment before November 15th or you must pay the $500 deposit and the first of the four subsequent installments before November 15th.
Standard Cost—After November 15th
The standard tuition for the Somatic Coaching Certification Program is $11,950. 

The optional International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) is $2,500.
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Register before November 15th to receive the Early Bird Discount

Option 1
Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification
+ ICF Certification Track via our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

Choose this payment if you are interested combining training for our Somatic Coaching Certification with our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for an individual coaching accreditation through ICF if they meet the credentialing application requirements. 
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Option 2
Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification

Choose this payment if you are interested in only the Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification and you do not want or need ICF Certification. 

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Master Certification
Designed for advanced students who have completed their Somatic Coaching Certification, our Master Somatic Coaching Certification Program offers an ongoing path for Somatic Coaches to move from the fundamentals to the embodiment of powerful and transformative somatic skills, so they may partner with clients in deeper and more potent ways.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course requirements?
All individuals must complete Embodied Leadership Level One (Formerly Leadership in Action One) prior to beginning the Somatic Coaching Certification program.
What happens if I need to cancel?
When appropriate, Strozzi Institute will refund tuition for courses minus the deposit amount, 30 days prior to the course; and 50% of tuition up to 15 days prior to the course. Requests for cancellation/refund must be submitted in writing via email to View our cancellation policy.

What language(s) is the program available in?
At this time, the Somatic Coaching Certification Program is only available in English.

Can I get continuing education credit for this?
The ICF has approved the following Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units for individuals who complete the Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach Certification Program with the optional ACTP:
• Core Competencies: 119.5 hours
• Resource Development: 21 hours
Who should participate in our Somatic Coaching Certification Program?
Our coaching programs are open to anyone wishing to work holistically with clients, and develop their mastery of Somatic Coaching and embodied leadership. Some individuals are already certified coaches through one of our colleague institutions, but for many, this is their first foray into the world of coaching.
What programs are offered?
Strozzi Institute offers three levels of certification programs: Somatic Coaching Certification, Dual Somatic Coaching and ICF ACTP accreditation, and Master Somatic Coach Certification.

We also offer several public courses and corporate programs in embodied leadership, somatic bodywork, and cultivating mastery outside of our coaching tracks.
Who teaches the program?
The teachers at Strozzi Institute are the originators and leaders of the somatic methodology as it relates to leadership and coaching—meaning, you’ve come to the right place! You won’t easily find another learning environment in which the staff has as much experience, depth, and practiced knowledge. The average Strozzi Institute Faculty has 15 years of experience in our methodology and in developing coaches.