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Whether you’re a Certified Somatics Coach or just attending your first Community Dojo session our goal is to hold space for all of our students, practitioners, teachers, and others to:

  • Form meaningful connections with other like-minded community members
  • Find support and encouragement to integrate somatics into their lives
  • Deepen their understanding of the practice and study of somatics
  • Engage in lively discussions regarding somatics and how our practices affect our daily lives
  • Find encouragement and accountability with like-minded practice partners
  • Learn from Strozzi Somatic enthusiasts all over the globe

Through your engagement with other members, you’ll feel a stronger connection to the practice of Strozzi Somatics and our growing community, even if you are not actively participating in a course or training at the current moment. 

And the best part about this platform? It’s FREE.
We need YOU.
We need YOUR voice.
We need YOUR transformation.
We are so excited to have YOU join us! 

Members are already practicing together, meeting up in person, and talking about the intersections of:

  • Human Design, Enneagrams & Other Systems
  • Somatic Coaching & Bodywork
  • Identity as BIPOC Students & Practitioners
  • Somatics, Psychedelics & Plant Medicine
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Building
  • Leadership Dojo Wrap Up Talk
  • Somatics & Relationships
  • … and more!

This community was built with you in mind.

It is a safe, inclusive, and courageous space designed to help you grow in your study of somatics while connecting with people who are also doing the work to transform their lives … and their parts of the world.

Meet us at the intersection of
Somatics, Community, and Practice.

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