Return to Center

Weekly Community Somatics Practice
Led by Strozzi Institute Teachers


You need practice in order to fulfill on your declarations about what matters most to you.

You need practice to keep your soma centered around your purpose.

You need practice to remind your body how to move in alignment with your values and goals.

You are always practicing something…

So let’s practice together.

Return to Center is for graduates of any SI training who want regular practice and accountability to their declarations. It is for our graduates who want to keep working through an arc of transformation, surrounded by a community of people who get somatics.

Included in this membership is a dedicated monthly practice session for BIPOC participants, led by Strozzi Institute teachers who also identify as BIPOC.

In community, we support each other to keep our promises to ourselves.

Together, we build our resilience. Together, we are embodied community.

Join us so you can practice every week, with guidance from your Strozzi Institute teachers.

Show up. Practice. Repeat.

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This is one of the invaluable lessons I learned in sports and dojo life: Practice even when you’ve reached a plateau, practice when you’re bored, practice when you’ve convinced yourself you’re wasting your time. It’s not rocket science, but to evolve, modify, and transform ourselves, it’s necessary to practice.
—Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Return to Center Includes:

Featuring Strozzi Institute Teachers:

Staci K. Haines

Tes Tekelu

Anjali Sawhney

Ben Schick

Erika Lyla

Stephanie Meux

B Stepp

LeeAnn Mallorie

Maggie Williams

Wendy Haines

Lise Melvin

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We meet on Wednesday, the center of the week, at 8am Pacific Time (U.S.). Sessions are recorded and available to our community to view for a few weeks.

There is an additional practice session for BIPOC only members that meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 5pm Pacific Time (U.S.)

Yes! All sessions are recorded and shared in our private SOMA group created just for Return to Center members.

Yes, for two reasons: Firstly, you can practice somatics anywhere, even if you do not have a partner to practice with. The pandemic taught us all a lot about doing somatics at home…

Secondly, be honest with yourself: having a regular somatics practice taught by a qualified instructor is better than having no somatics practice at all, and it’s better than trying to practice all on your own with no help or feedback. So if you are craving more of this work, and you know you won’t get it anywhere else, join us.