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Cultivating Resilience for Leaders and Teams
Overwhelm resolves and resilience builds when it is addressed directly with the right tools and practice

With Covid-19, we are in an unprecedented global disruption. The extraordinary impact of the pandemic can challenge our sense of self, our ability to see possibilities, and our capacity as leaders to sort through the confusion, make decisions, and empower others. 

The sheer effort and agility required of leaders to adapt quickly to the changes needed by our families, communities, and businesses can be overwhelming. While the pandemic presents an extraordinary moment, overwhelm and burnout threaten the health of organizations all the time.

Leaders who can’t handle a fast pace or uncertainty are less likely to feel motivated at work and more likely to become overwhelmed and get involved in conflict. 

Has your capacity to meet adversity, setback, and trauma diminished? Has your team the ability to sustain energy levels under pressure and adapt to disruptive changes?

High-pressure deadlines and deliverables, poor self-regulation, culture transition, disruptions in the marketplace, the pace of technology development — and more — often lead to missed deadlines, distrust, friction, poor communication, conflict, and counterproductivity — all roadblocks to creativity, high performance, and job satisfaction.

Are these breakdowns inevitable? Absolutely not! 

A resilient team can problem-solve creatively, collaborate with ease, perform under pressure, and take actions that are aligned with your organization's values and goals. Resilience is a crucial characteristic of high- performing leaders.

Now more than ever, we need the practices of resilience to feel and center in our bodies, create emotional balance, and return to purpose with clarity, focus, and the ability to act.  In this place, we connect with ourselves and others, listen and engage more skillfully, and move to action with greater discernment and direction.

Our resilience training empowers  leaders and teams to

  • Self regulate to enhance performance under pressure
  • Focus and stay on purpose to move your visions forward
  • Enable inclusion and cooperation to codify a united team culture that fosters each team member’s unique talent
  • Generate cohesive action to meet goals
  • Communicate with clarity and rapidly build trust among employees,
  • Increase productivity and team morale
  • Sustain and renew energy overtime to avoid burnout and enjoy maximum work-life balance 

Why resilience? 

Resilience, in its common usage, is our capacity to “bounce back,” to see possibilities, and to proactively move forward

We are inherently resilient beings. Our capacity for resilience can be cultivated.

Resilient organizations are agile. They’re able to see and process disruption quickly, to pivot and adapt with greater ease, and sustain a competitive advantage over time.

They can do this because the organization has cultivated resiliency practices and competencies in its leaders and teams.

We customize resiliency practices to develop resilient leaders and teams for competitive advantage through:

  • Identifying limiting practices that reduce resiliency
  • Developing self and team regulation
  • Instilling supportive practices to activate resiliency
  • Increasing 360-degree awareness and openness
  • Ability to manage mood in self and team
  • Incorporating rest with action
  • Creating strategic resilience goals and tactics

Strozzi Institute resilience training utilizes the most pragmatic and sustainable transformational methodology to help you and your organization understand and work with the unhelpful survival strategies that often kick in when we are under intense individual and collective pressure

Withdrawal, micro-aggression, distraction, and autocratic behaviors are just some of the negative survival strategies that often appear in individuals and teams experiencing intense pressure.

Our programs will help you learn to access and cultivate resilience, alone and together. Our embodied approach is both depthful and pragmatic, accelerating learning, and promoting sustained resilience. 

Research tells us that stress and trauma heal much faster in groups than one on one so engaging as a team is a smart approach. 

We offer the following programs to help your organization become more resilient:

  • Resilience Action Training
  • Virtual Resilience Building Trainings 
  • Experiential Events
  • Keynotes
  • Executive Coaching

Contact us for a tailored resiliency program for your organization. 


Our senior consultants are experts in the field of somatics, resilience, and trauma with proven track records in delivering on promises to leaders and teams. 

Staci K. Haines, author of “Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing, and Social Justice,” developed the approach and curriculum for somatics, trauma, and resilience in 2001 and has used it extensively in organizations that include; Equity Office, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Kaiser Permanente, Lane Bryant, Asian Pacific Network, Wisdom 2.0, and Evolution. Staci is Director of Methodology for Strozzi Institute and co-founder of generative somatics. 

Prentis Hemphill is a genderqueer and Texan-born healer, movement facilitator, Somatics teacher, and writer living and working at the convergence of healing, individual and collective transformation, and political organizing. In 2016, Prentis was awarded the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Soma Award for community work inspired by Buddhist thought. Uncovering ancestral wisdom, creating new healing interventions, and shifting the culture of organizing towards creativity, healing, and joy have been central to Prentis' commitment and work.

Nathaniel Shara, LCSW is a somatic therapist, writer, and educator whose work focuses on embodiment as a path for individual and social transformation. A graduate of Smith College and the University of Washington School of Social Work, he has spent the last decade working at the intersections of trauma, mental health, social justice, and the body.

David Treleaven, Ph.D., author of bestselling “Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing,” is an internationally known speaker and trainer on the topic of trauma and resilience, and a Strozzi Lead Consultant. 

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What people are saying about resilience trainings:
"I am more prepared and aware of how I must shift from being ready for healing to recognizing my inherent power to heal myself and others.”
Rowenda L.
"The weaving of neuroscience and the practices was masterful. It showed up in the micro interpersonal space of our leadership, but rarely named explicitly. This was so empowering for me individually, and for our group, as we got to navigate those dynamics in real time which added a depth and richness to the experience. Our dignity, sovereignty and cohesion was honored and we healed a lot of conflict that was getting in our way from being as productive as we know to be."

- Chloe, VP Programming, national NGO

"This training went beyond our expectations. It brought our team back together and moved us forward more than we had hoped.  Part of their framework is that trauma and resilience heals faster in groups than individually. It was surprising how effective that was. Oddly simple to do if everyone participates. This really saved our butts."

- Rich, Director of Research, international pharma company

“Depthful as well as extremely pragmatic. The resilience practices had an immediate impact - relief and joy - on my day-to-day experience of life.
Karen G.
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