Refresh Your Resolve with Maggie Williams
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Refresh Your Resolve

A FREE webinar for igniting your embodied wisdom
with Strozzi Institute Teacher Maggie Williams

Thursday, August 3, 2023
at 1pm EDT

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Maggie Williams

In this 60-minute LIVE call, you will...
Reconnect with your sense of purpose and meaning to shape your most fulfilling personal and professional life
Experience a profound and practical embodiment technique that will help you align your decision-making with what matters most to you
Learn the somatic principles that allow you to make NEW choices under pressure, so you can have more options available when you need them
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Strozzi Institute is the creator of embodied leadership and the original somatic training institute. Through more than 50 years of development, we have fine-tuned a unique and powerful way to produce sustained change, reliably.

Join us on August 3 for an exclusive introduction to this world-renowned, proven somatic methodology.
Maggie Williams is Interim Co-President of Strozzi Institute (SI) and a Lead Teacher and certified somatic coach. Her areas of focus include how social conditions shape us, how we cultivate more individual and collective resilience, and how somatics can support values-aligned parenting. She has taught the Embodied Transformation course since 2017, supported bodywork courses, worked with clients one-on-one, and led programs on resilience. Maggie uses her skills as a somatic practitioner to navigate change, improve long-term strategy, and embody her commitment to equity.

Prior to working with SI, Maggie co-founded and co-directed The Advocacy Institute, an organization that trains social justice and movement building groups to lead more effective legislative campaigns. Over the course of a decade, Maggie trained over 200 organizers and advocates across New York State in legislative strategy. Before co-founding the Advocacy Institute, Maggie worked in the New York State Senate and as an advocate on criminal legal issues.

Residing in Brooklyn, Maggie’s greatest somatics teachers are her two kiddos – fully embodied tiny humans who know how to declare their “no,” and move towards their joy. She also recently reconnected with singing as a resilience practice.

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