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We are in a time of accelerated change, innovation, and challenge. The need for learning, adaptability, decisiveness, and effectiveness is increasing…not only in individual leaders, but entire companies. Strozzi Institute’s Corporate Programs mobilize leaders, teams, and companies to fulfill their purpose, expand their leadership, and create lasting success.

Powerful. Impactful. Aligned. Companies work with SI because of our groundbreaking methodology: it mobilizes executives, teams, and leaders to fulfill their purpose, expand their leadership, and create lasting success. We move innovative theory to action, instilling leaders and teams with vision and choices… even under the pressures of modern day business challenges.

The result? Aligning purpose with masterful action. That’s an organization that can meet the challenges of our time.

A New Status Quo for Business

The best and brightest companies across the globe are investing in the leadership development of their employees. Why? We are in a new era of business: one that calls for, and is being shaped by, a more enlightened leadership. And these leaders at the helm see human capital as the most needed resource for successful ventures.

Research shows that leaders are great not solely because of their technical skills or position, but because of who they are. Qualities like trust, the ability to hold complexity, creativity under pressure and leadership presence are essential, and in SI’s approach, learnable.

At SI, we grow leaders. We see a “leader” as someone with the ability to mobilize and inspire both themselves and others into purposeful action. A leader can respond, rather than react. They lead their team, department or company toward possibility and grounded results.

A Difference You Can See…45 Years in the Making

This isn’t “yet another” trendy human resources program: this is an opportunity to catapult to a higher mode of operation and success, entirely. SI has over 45 years experience in delivering innovative programs for companies around the globe. Our unique and powerful embodied leadership methodology positions us as the leading institution shaping executives, teams and leaders toward mastery in their business.

Who We Work With

Strozzi Institute is honored to work with a diversity of clients – from sustainable business visionaries, to notable multi-national companies, to budding entrepreneurs. Leaders that come to us often:

  • See a brighter way forward for business and humankind;
  • Recognize the value of development and transformation in overcoming challenges and adversity; and,
  • Are willing to do what it takes to bring out the leader in each and every member of their team.

Among the companies that have benefited from our programs are:

  • 1% For The Planet
  • AARP
  • Amgen
  • Ann Inc.
  • Ascena
  • AT&T
  • Autodesk
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Capital One
  • Dress Barn
  • George Mason University
  • Global Women’s Leadership Network
  • HP
  • Justice
  • Lane Bryant
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  • Microsoft
  • NASA
  • Pfizer
  • Sanuk
  • Sony Music
  • Trec
  • Twitter
  • United Way
  • Visa


Why Embodied Leadership?

We all know a leader when we see one.

Imagine this: a new member of your team walks in to the room, or a potential partner joins you for a lunch meeting. You can intuit almost immediately whether they are an exceptional leader. They don’t even need to speak for you to sense if they are grounded in their values, true to their word, and able to attract the followers and resources needed to achieve their goals.

This is embodied leadership in action. When we help people embody their values, their ability to stay centered and present as they lead – in spite of any adversity – is what allows them to drive transformational change.

A Note for Sustainable Businesses

SI’s Corporate Programs are designed to help organizations align their vision, values, and actions. Businesses that are committed to sustainability and social equity can catapult their mission and impact through embodied leadership.

The sustainable business community, Benefit Corporations, and social enterprises are some of the best innovations for the complex needs of our communities and the future of our shared planet. At Strozzi Institute we are committed to their success.

Why Participate

SI partners with sustainable business with our unique development approach. We meet you at the level of challenge and innovation that you are bringing to the world. In partnering with SI, you and your organization can:

  • Connect your vision and purpose with your business culture and team coordination. We excel in helping you combine vision + values + action.
  • Make more powerful declarations and assessments that serve to embolden and enrich both the company’s profits, its people, and the planet.
  • Activate your employees to take new actions toward your joint purpose, while also supporting their well-being and creativity.
  • Manage, and introduce, change for your benefit.
  • Build commitment and effective action through shared language and practice.

Research shows that when these top skills are practiced effectively, they have the greatest impact on leader preparedness and confidence in addressing today’s business challenges.


We invite social enterprises and sustainable businesses to explore how SI’s Corporate Programs can improve their impact and unique position in this fast growing community.

To make the best recommendation, we would like the opportunity to learn more about your vision, intended impact and organization. Please contact fill out the interest form at the end of this page.

Walking the Talk

Strozzi Institute holds a strong commitment to the growth and development of the Sustainable Business community and social ventures that support environmental sustainability and social equity. We are a California Benefit Corporation, and are currently pursuing certification as a B Corp. You can learn more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Our Promise

Unique to our work is a promise – not a soft commitment – of what you and your teams will experience and receive through our programs:

  • Development of strong, coordinated, nimble, and trusting teams, quickly.
  • Buy-in, alignment and increased innovation along your company’s values, mission, and vision.
  • “Change agility” needed for your leadership, team, and company.
  • An incredible offer for your greatest asset: your human capital. Individuals will become deeply satisfied personally and professionally.

Customized + Targeted Solutions

SI partners with our clients to develop customized Corporate Programs and coaching to help teams and companies solve the most common organizational and human capital challenges facing business today. Rather than one-off programs, we engage over time to assure that new frameworks and practices become a part of the way things work. Specific areas of focus may include:

  • Leadership + Strategy

    Growing the full range of an individual, team or company’s capacity and possibility for leadership

    Leadership – the ability to motivate groups of people into action towards a common goal – is a critical skill for successful teams and companies. SI's approach reveals both the competencies of teams, and the dynamics that prevent groups from thriving. We then help to align leaders and teams with their purpose, communication for action, and increased team coordination through holistic practice. Clear vision and grounded assessments of opportunity create compelling strategy. SI trains these as embodied skills.

  • Communication for Action

    Focusing on mastery of communication to coordinate action, trust, and clarity of outcome; and develop resiliency around both failures and successes.

    We often find that teams and leaders are not short on good intention or hard work. Rather they lack a shared vision, a shared language to communicate the success metrics of that vision, and the steps to get there together. Taking vision into action, coordinating effectively, and completing with evaluation and learning, is what compelling leaders do well. SI’s methodology gives leaders and teams increased awareness around the style, impact and diversity of their communication, as well as build team cohesion and coordination, pointed to purpose.

  • Employee Engagement

    Improving employee commitment to organizations’ goals and values, while also enhancing their own sense of well-being.

    Employee engagement is a non-negotiable, but often overlooked, priority for high-performing workplaces. It is essential for businesses to thrive, and can also increase innovation, productivity and bottom-line performance while reducing costs related to hiring and retention. Engaged organizations have strong, authentic values where two-way promises and commitments are understood and fulfilled. Employee engagement is motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose, not by rewards or a rote, mechanical approach.

  • Diversity

    Helping organizations and managers develop a more equitable, inclusive and accessible work environment that maximizes the potential of all employees.

    Our partnership with leaders and teams is designed to grow a more equitable and inclusive work environment within a company. It allows leaders to recognize the potentially subtle and unintentional ways in which employees may be inhibited from fully contributing. By coupling a new context for diversity within the company with unique resilience-based practices, we create a working culture that invites full contribution of all employees to the corporate vision

  • Innovation

    Inspiring leaders to move toward progress in an energized and effective manner, while still staying true to the organization’s core vision and values.

    Sustainable businesses and social entrepreneurs are developing innovative solutions to address the long-term needs of our planet. SI’s methodology is designed to fine tune and align collective purpose and action, and support strategy and process to optimize team performance and value delivery. SI works in a varied landscape of local communities, governments, companies, and charitable foundations to help leaders embody the ability to use conflict as a generative force, build trust across diversity, and create long-term vision with measurable objectives

  • Sustainable Business

    Serving people, the natural world and the economy with increased capacity and resources.

    Sustainable businesses and social entrepreneurs are developing innovative solutions to address the long-term needs of our planet. SI’s methodology is designed to fine tune and align collective purpose and action, and support strategy and process to optimize team performance and value delivery. SI works in a varied landscape of local communities, governments, companies, and charitable foundations to help leaders embody the ability to use conflict as a generative force, build trust across diversity, and create long-term vision with measurable objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SI’s Corporate Programs and other leadership trainings?

The difference is in our method. Our programs use an embodied learning approach, which is different than solely cognitive approaches that are widely used in leadership and team development. We see that addressing the developmental potential of the whole person –thinking, feeling, acting, and relating – produces more effective and sustainable change for individuals and organizations. Our holistic approach allows leaders and teams to take new actions aligned with their outcomes and values. Leaders gain new skills and abilities, not just new ideas.

Why embodied learning?

There is a difference between academic knowledge and embodied knowledge. We do not transform ourselves through new thinking or good ideas alone. We do not take new actions or develop trust in our teams through a PowerPoint or by reading it in a manual. To make sustainable improvements in our leadership, our teams, or our companies, we have to “embody” new ways of being, new conversations and new actions. The way to achieve this is by learning holistically. With Strozzi Institute’s Corporate Programs, you learn to establish a series of recurrent practices of mind, emotions, language, and body. Research shows that 300 repetitions produces muscle memory (the ability to purposefully take a new action), and that 3000 repetitions creates embodiment (being able to take this new action automatically, even under pressure). Research also points to requiring 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to produce mastery in an area. SI focuses on embodied learning – in which individuals and groups engage in recurrent, purposeful practices over time in order to achieve mastery in their roles, teams and organizations.

What can I expect from partnering with Strozzi Institute?

We’ll begin with a collaborative exploration of your needs and desired outcomes. What changes do you see as necessary for the outcomes you seek? We’ll then custom and design a program that meets – and ideally, exceeds – these goals.

Our programs develop leaders, teams, and companies that are confident, dynamic, and authentic, and who skillfully execute on their commitments. SI methodology is based in neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, mindfulness, psychology, and martial arts. We call this holistic approach “Somatics.” Our Corporate Programs deliver innovative content on leadership, team development, and new distinctions for effective coordination in organizations. We pair this with experiential exercises and team practices. This combination links vision to action, and knowledge to know-how.

Do you provide coaching support for my employees after the program?

Yes. Coaching is relevant for leaders at all levels of an organization. It can be particularly impactful as a way to sustain and deepen the learning of the programs. We customize executive and leadership coaching as part of an ongoing organizational program.

How many people can participate in the program(s)?

We work with executive teams and boards from small groups to large departments and company wide. Program size may vary depending on your specific organizational goals and needs. Feel free to contact us directly in order to determine the best program(s) that works for you.

Who should participate in the program(s)?

Our programs support executives, boards, directors, managers, teams, and emerging leaders to excel to their next level of success. Depending on your organization’s goals, we can assist you in assessing the best team and leaders to engage. We combine purpose, leadership presence, and pragmatic skills in effective coordination, to serve powerful development.

How far in advance should I plan a program?

Please contact our office in order to collaborate on timeline, deliverables, and program details. Starting with conversations between our team and your key stakeholders, we will identify and understand your specific organizational needs and goals. We will then recommend or design a program that best suits your needs.

Where are the programs conducted?

Corporate Programs can be held at your corporate offices, or in an off-site retreat that suits your company. We also happily host programs at our Dojo training site in the beautiful rolling hills of Northern California. Please contact us directly to discuss space requirements.


SI Associates and Somatic Coach Directory

Find a skilled somatic coach near you.

76 Results | View All
  • Alejandra Silberman

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Executive Coaches
    • Corporate/Business Coaches
    • Personal Coaches

    Alejandra Silberman

    Location: Chile

    Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal

    Other: Bodywork Available


    Phone: +56.9.93206185

    Alejandra Silberman (Santiago, Chile) is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organizations in tapping into their own inner wisdom, compassion, purpose and power for skillful action. She has over 15 years experience working with a broad range of leaders and organizations – from grassroots movements to large corporations – as a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach. Alejandra has specialized in leadership coaching and development, strategy consulting and coach training, bringing her diverse background, analytical skills, grounded presence, humor and passion for life to her interactions with clients. Over her career, her primary focus has been integrating the wisdom and generative energy of nature, community and the human body, making these insights and rhythms available to her clients through somatic coaching and embodied, transformational learning experiences. Alejandra holds a BA from Bard College and a MSc in Education from Lesley College. She is a certified ontological coach through Newfield Network, an SI Certified Somatic Coach, and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the ICF. She also currently participates in the Strozzi Institute Teacher Training program.

  • Amy BeberVanzo

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Corporate/Business Coaches
    • Personal Coaches

    Amy BeberVanzo

    Location: CA

    Domains: Personal, Corporate/Business, Leadership, Executive

    Other: Somatic Bodywork available


    Phone: 707.495.0352


    Amy BeberVanzo (Petaluma, CA) believes sustainable growth and change begin with new practices. She blends her study of Aikido with the focus of championship racing to help clients clarify and achieve purposeful goals in their professional and personal lives. Amy’s work is based on commitment to self-awareness, accountability and compassion. Whether working with students on the cusp of change, business leaders & teams, educational nonprofits or aging adults preserving their independence, she uses proven coaching techniques, simple physical practices and body-awareness exercises to develop client resilience in times of transition. Somatic Bodywork is optional but strongly recommended for maximum results. Amy works in person and remotely.

    Education & Certification: BS, SISC, PCC (ICF)

  • Ana Perurena

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Corporate/Business Coaches
    • Personal Coaches

    Ana Perurena

    Location: Spain

    Domains: Corporate/Business, Leadership, Personal


    Phone: +34.618.881.826


    Ana Perurena (San Sebastián, Spain) is a passionate explorer of the extraordinary capacities that human beings treasure. She believes that addressing change by focusing only on cognitive knowledge is not enough: we need to create the substratum from where a new way of being and practicing will allow us to embody the necessary skills and the capacity to take new effective actions that will lead us to authentic transformation. Ana consults with organizations on developing leadership, high performance teams and organizational culture, creating scenarios that help organizations and individuals to cultivate their leadership and facilitate generative learning. Her approach is a blend of linguistic ontology, Somatics, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. Ana brings to her coaching practice 25 years of experience in the corporate, where she worked internationally throughout more than 30 countries. Her clients value that she has walked in their shoes and acknowledge her listening, ability to create trust and commitment to results. Ana is an SI Certified Somatic Coach, and holds a Masters degree in Business Coaching (Mondragon University), an advanced degree in Emotional Management, an advanced degree in Neuroleadership, and an academic degree in Management Assistance (University of Navarra). Ana is fluent in five languages.

  • Andrea Ingrisch

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Executive Coaches
    • Corporate/Business Coaches
    • Personal Coaches

    Andrea Ingrisch

    Location: Germany

    Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate / Business, Personal


    Phone: +49 160 2166 892 Skype: andreaingrisch

    Andrea Ingrisch (Munich, Germany) is passionate about people, their growth and development. She works with individuals – leaders of organisations or just leaders of their own lives – on building a deep awareness about themselves, on creating an inner stance of resilience and ability to choose how to act and show up in a given moment and with this reaching their objectives and aspirations more effectively. Andrea combines her heart and wisdom with an analytical mind and experience in both highly professional and entrepreneurial environments. Her clients describe her as warm, generous and non judgmental as well as challenging, direct and a relentless warrior for people realizing their potential. Andrea believes in working holistically, her practice roots deeply in values and spirituality.

    Andrea is a certified Somatic Coach (SISC) with the Strozzi Institute, a co-active coach (CCPC) and accredited by the international coach federation (PCC). She holds a diploma in psychology from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany as well as MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau. She combines that with more than 20 years of experience in business environments, let it be as project leader with the Boston Consulting Group, as head of an Operations Team with a media organization or as leader of her own company.

    After having lived in France, Singapore, London and Berlin, Andrea is now based in Munich. While her work has her travel around the world, she loves spending her time in the mountains, with her family and friends.

  • Anna Coen

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Executive Coaches

    Anna Coen

    Location: United Kingdom / UK

    Domains: Executive, Leadership


    Phone: +0044.7894466671


    Anna Coen (London, UK) specialises in coaching and leadership development for high achieving professionals who want to broaden their horizons, deepen their relationships and develop their leadership capability. Anna is an SI Certified Somatic Coach and has a Certificate in Higher Education in Counseling from Cambridge University. A qualified Chartered Accountant and MBA, she has lived and breathed the financial and professional environment for more than 30 years. She helps clients to develop their self-awareness and provides them with tools, frameworks and exercises to achieve their aspirations. Her approach integrates somatic awareness and practice with a strategic and commercial perspective. Clients have said they find coaching sessions energizing, fun and direct, giving them the confidence to engage at a more strategic level and to manage challenging issues and relationships. They say they feel both challenged and supported at the same time.

  • Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Executive Coaches
    • Corporate/Business Coaches
    • Personal Coaches

    Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

    Location: CA

    Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal


    Phone: 707.338.9817


    Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi (Sonoma and Mendocino County, CA) is an SI Master Certified Coach, co-founder of Strozzi Institute and founder of Equine Guided Education (SkyHorseEGE™). She specializes in developing leaders and coaches in emotional, somatic and spiritual intelligence with an emphasis on the natural world as a place for learning and healing. With innovative vision, Ariana blends biology, instinct, Somatics and leadership in the natural environment creating a truly unique, transformative and sustainable process. She is a master at getting to the ‘heart of the issue’ through her keen skills of somatic observation, non-linear listening and linguistic distinctions. She incorporates nature, land and equine guided activities to bring forward the intuitive, spiritual underpinnings that are often more important than the words of rational thought. In addition to her own programs at her 532 acre ranch, she collaborates with other coaches and leadership experts to create new ways of expanding consciousness and respectful/balanced relations. She is a mother, rancher, artist and ongoing entrepreneur. She offers spirit retreats for individuals, groups and custom programs for her corporate clients, including UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Development, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Institute of Women’s Leadership, Facebook, Meridian University, Kaiser, and many more.

  • Beata C. Lewis

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Executive Coaches
    • Corporate/Business Coaches
    • Personal Coaches

    Beata C. Lewis

    Location: CA

    Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal

    Other: Bodywork available


    Phone: 415.332.8338


    Beata C. Lewis, JD, MSC (Sausalito, CA),Executive Coach & Change Consultant – provides guidance for transformational leadership, collaboration and sustainable growth to accomplished business owners, senior leaders and knowledge professionals. Clients – innovators in science, technology, social enterprise and the arts – value Beata’s incisive, pragmatic and holistic approach to facilitating complex, sensitive conversations and strategic change processes. Certified since 2004 as a Master Somatic Coach™, Beata takes a presence-centered, multi-disciplinary, and systems-oriented approach to leadership, group dynamics, and sustainable enterprise. A mediator since 1995 and former attorney, Beata leverages the vital and dynamic nature of agreements, trust, conflict and communication for productive partnering. Eager to experiment at emerging frontiers, Beata co-designed emBODY-INg Conflict Transformation (1999), integrating embodied learning and cognitive approaches to mediation. Her unique women’s leadership programs leverage results from her 2003 qualitative study, The Feminine Face of Leadership in Science. Beata taught for the Management Communication Program of the Stanford Graduate School of Business (2005-2009) and as faculty with the GreenMBA Program of Dominican University of California (2008-2015). She also draws on extensive international experience and her passion for the creative: e.g. painting, music, dance, and healing arts.

  • Beatrice "Bebe" W. Hansen

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Executive Coaches
    • Corporate/Business Coaches
    • Personal Coaches

    Beatrice "Bebe" W. Hansen

    Location: DC

    Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal

    Other: Somatic Bodywork available


    Phone: 713.857.1506


    Beatrice “Bebe” W. Hansen (Washington, DC) integrates her extensive family business experience with her psychotherapy background to coach individuals, teams and organizations in building leadership skills and capacities. Her business name, Open the Flow, speaks to the heart of the work she most enjoys: discovering together how to facilitate shifts in perspective while opening the flow of energy and aliveness. Through the coaching process, you feel empowered to move toward the future you envision. Bebe’s coaching approach is very practical and is grounded in measurable change through the body, mind and heart – your whole being. She holds certifications from the Strozzi Institute, Presence-Based Coaching and the Enneagram Institute. Bebe teaches as faculty with Doug Silsbee in the Presence-Based Coaching curriculum, and delivers leadership development training in the Washington, DC metro area. She has a BA in Business and an MS in Social Work, and is a member of ICF with PCC designation. Bebe has a personal practice of yoga and meditation, and has been in the Diamond Approach spiritual path since 2001. She enjoys creating tasty meals to share with family and friends, and occasionally can be found sailing the Potomac.

  • Beverley McMaster

    • Leadership Coaches
    • Executive Coaches

    Beverley McMaster

    Location: United Kingdom / UK

    Domains: Leadership, Executive

    Beverley McMaster’s (London, UK) coaching expertise is in the domain of leadership, working with both corporate and self-funded clients helping them to discover and learn how to:

    • Embody and exhibit powerful leadership presence
    • Influence and engage with others more effectively
    • Maintain healthy relationships even in conflict
    • Remain resilient in times of adversity and setback

    Committed to working in such a way that acknowledges self-development as extending way beyond our cognitive understanding and awareness, Beverley ensures that clients are able to embody what they learn. By paying greater attention to what is usually below the conscious radar (emotions, moods, sensation, biology, language), and integrating new practices, clients learn how to respond more purposefully, both professionally and personally. Prior to coaching, Beverley worked in senior HR roles with household names such as Dixon’s Carphone, Nestle Purina, Tesco and Revlon. Additionally, she has worked in professional services and engineering. She has navigated matrix, European and American settings and adjusted to living and working abroad.