One-on-One Coaching
One-on-one coaching by an experienced Somatic Coach practitioner

Strozzi Institute offers individuals the unique opportunity to be coached one-on-one by an experienced coach practitioner. This deep, hands-on work extends beyond the theoretical aspects of traditional coaching, routinely delivering significant breakthroughs for our clients.

Coaches are invaluable to all types of performance disciplines because they are able to observe the performer and offer distinctions that the performer cannot see themselves. It is sometimes difficult for individuals to see their own performance, particularly those actions that are habitual.

Traditional Coaching vs. Embodied Leadership Coaching

Coaches are an invaluable ally. How often do we want to reflect on, change, or improve some aspect of our life or performance, yet are not able to accomplish it on our own? Usually if you have been trying to make a change, and have not accomplished it within six months, it is a good time to get some skillful help.

Somatic Coaches are able to support you in crafting a compelling declaration and work with the historical patterns that are in the way of your desired changes. Because Somatic Coaches are skilled at designing new practices, they’ll help you design actions, conversations, and daily practices that are aligned with what you care about.

Strozzi Institute moves beyond verbal coaching (which is what most people think of when they hear “coaching”) to integrate the mind, mood, relationships, and body. Why? Our unique embodied leadership methodology produces fundamental and sustainable change in people. Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaches know they have succeeded in sustainable change when you as the client can stay connected to what matters most to you, even in challenging situations, and act, connect, and choose from there (instead of react). Somatic Coaching is both depthful and pragmatic.

Who Benefits from Embodied Leadership Coaching?

Strozzi Institute offers embodied leadership coaching to individuals from all walks of life and business. We often hear the assumption that coaching is for C-level executives only. However, we find that coaching is relevant for leaders at all levels of an organization, or anyone wanting to accomplish something new in leadership or life. It is an effective partnership to assist leaders in dealing with new challenges and defining personal and business success. Our clients learn to translate challenges into effective leadership opportunities, which transitions into a new path of purpose.


The beauty of a coaching relationship is that you have someone committed to what you are committed to. Though the potential list of skills developed through coaching is extensive, most clients learn to:

  • Develop a clear vision and set of conditions of satisfaction.
  • Communicate and partner effectively.
  • Purposefully engage change and transitions.
  • Manage challenging relationships and resolve conflicts.
  • Incorporate strategic and innovative thinking into everyday decisions.
  • Produce an authentic leadership presence that builds trust and commitment.
  • Coach direct reports to problem-solve and lead effectively.

There are several customized options for coaching.

Individual Sessions
Contract with Strozzi Institute for individual hourly sessions.
You can contract with Strozzi Institute for individual hourly sessions, and customize based on your needs. These sessions can be with a Strozzi Institute faculty or an Strozzi Institute Associate.
Six-Session Coaching Package
Commit to seeing change with a six-session package.

Many individuals purchase our Coaching Package with a Strozzi Institute faculty member or an Strozzi Institute Associate. This six-session package is ideal for a deep dive into embodied leadership coaching; and perfect for those who are committed to a substantial shift in their lives or work.

This option is only available for alumni of Strozzi Institute programs.

Transformative Coaching Partnership
Invest in a long-term change for your life or business.
Our Transformative Coaching Partnership includes both in-person and video-call sessions. We begin with a ½-to-full day, in-person coaching session followed by weekly visits or video calls. The in-person intensives continue every 6-8 weeks or at intervals that support the transformation of the client. The length of this engagement is based upon the outcomes that you set with your coach in your initial in-depth meeting. We work very closely with the client during this time period to ensure success.
Executive Leaders
Coaching specific to executive leadership mastery.
Individuals in the highest levels of leadership are often dealing with complex business and personal issues that require a different degree of coaching. Strozzi Institute’s Senior Teachers and Associates offer this level of coaching. These Somatic Coaches have 20+ years experience and have worked with individuals at the highest levels in business, government, start-ups, and social enterprises. This coaching mastery will produce enormous benefits and sustainable results in many areas of life.
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