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The skill of making a declaration is fundamental to leadership, whether in leading our own lives or in leading others.

A declaration is a clear statement you make about a vision, a meaningful desire, or even a longing you have. It is about imagining positive futures, and creating a practice that will bring those futures about.

To make a declaration, you must "declare," which is a two-part skill you can practice (and eventually embody). To declare, you imagine and speak the declaration and then take action to bring your longings into the world, into your life.

How do you that? How do you identify that vision or expand upon that meaningful desire? First you must discover what you really care about, what you want your future to hold.

We created this worksheet to help you!
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Caroline Peani
Formerly Capital One, currently Amazon
"When you lead from your values everything changes. I was already a high performer, and then I learned how to communicate more powerfully and become more purposeful. I was living in a more balanced way and was offered a promotion within 6 months of going through the Strozzi programs."
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