Introducing The Art of Somatic Coaching


I have been in the field of individual and collective transformation for almost 45 years. Yesterday marked the release of my book “The Art of Somatic Coaching”, which was a natural next step in the writing and work that I have done in this area. More than ever, I see that our culture is now historically poised to re-look at what it means to be a whole human being who is individually and socially responsible.

While this book outlines the methodology and distinctions of somatic coaching for coaches, counselors, teachers and therapists – I aimed beyond this. As we have polluted our waters, air, and soil; fallen into a downward spiral of violence; and widened the gap between those that have and those that don’t, my wish is that the somatic sensibilities put forth in this book can be one of the medicines in remedying our environmental and social ills.

Disembodiment has become institutionalized. A somatic awareness asks us to restore our ability to feel. Not feel as in having a feeling or emotion, although that may occur, but being in a direct, intimate relationship with the life force that animates all living things. When we return to our natural heritage of being able to feel we increase our capacity for compassion, empathy, care and wisdom. Without the embodiment of these virtues we are more likely to do harm to others and the environment.

When starting to write this book I wanted the reader to begin the path, to deepen on the path of feeling life, of affirming life in action and word. May it be so.

–Richard Strozzi-Heckler

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