Leadership Presence, Polarity and Practice

With: Doug Silsbee & Richard Strozzi-Heckler

October 1, 2015

Join in for an insightful and passionate dialogue between two pioneers of the embodiment and presence-based approaches to coaching and leadership development.

Richard Strozzi-Heckler is the founder of the Strozzi Institute and for over 40 years has pioneered the field of somatics and its application to coaching and leadership. Doug Silsbee, himself a Master Somatic Coach trained by Richard, has developed his own Presence-Based Coaching work that expands beyond the somatic.

By listening in you will learn:

  • What Doug and Richard see as the primary leadership challenge of our time.
  • How you as a coach can support your clients in clarifying and meeting that challenge.
  • The interplay of polarities that is at the very heart of 21st century leadership (and coaching!).
  • How they decide with whom they work with and with whom they don’t.
  • The multi-faceted role of practice in genuine and sustainable leadership development.
Leadership Presence, Polarity and Practice