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Even when we know we want to change or show up differently in our lives and our work, we aren’t always able to take a different action—especially when we’re under pressure.
Strozzi Institute’s somatic trainings empower you to act in alignment with your values and fullest potential—even under pressure—so you present with confidence and credibility when it matters most.
Become an Embodied Leader
Our unique methodology equips leaders to take confident, decisive action under pressure, solve complex problems and be positive and stabilizing forces in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing workplace.
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Become a Certified Somatic Coach
Coaches who want to become masterful at facilitating breakthrough change that is sustainable even under pressure - for themselves and their clients - trust Strozzi Institute’s Somatic Coaching Certification Program. 
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Trainings for Teams
Leaders looking for the fastest, most reliable way to create a cohesive team in which everyone’s pulling forward in the same direction with action and purpose trust Strozzi Institute’s Team Trainings.
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One-on-One Coaching
All Strozzi Institute Associates are Strozzi Institute Certified and have years of experience and training. Our coaches work with individuals for professional development and personal transition.
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