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Strozzi Institute is the creator of embodied leadership and the original somatic training institute
With 45 years of development and experience, Strozzi Institute has fine-tuned a unique and powerful methodology that produces sustained change, reliably.

We offer these trainings because even when we know we want to change or show up differently in our lives and our work, we aren’t always able to take a different action, especially when we’re under pressure.
For most of us, old habits die hard
Strozzi Institute’s somatic trainings empower you to act in alignment with your values and fullest potential—even under pressure—so you present with confidence and credibility when it matters most.
Who Somatic Training is For
Leaders who recognize there’s a next level of authenticity, impact and contribution they want to access trust Strozzi Institute’s Embodied Leadership trainings to empower them. 
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Coaches who want to become masterful at facilitating breakthrough change that is sustainable even under pressure—for themselves and their clients—trust Strozzi Institute’s Somatic Coaching Certification Program.
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We propose a different approach to learning—embodied learning
All learning in Strozzi Institute programs is based in embodied learning—a unique, neuroscience-based approach to learning that combines elements of mindfulness, action-oriented communication and bodywork to produce sustainable change.

Through this approach, we teach the whole self (intellectual, emotional and physical) to embody new competencies, build leadership presence, and—arguably the biggest reward—take new actions aligned with what is important to you, sustainably, over time.

Just like it would be extremely difficult to unlearn driving a car or playing the piano, what is transformed through embodied learning permanently becomes part of who you are.

What Makes Embodied Learning Different
Whole-self learning creates sustainable change
Most of us are more familiar with the rationalistic tradition of learning—or the idea that learning happens solely with our mind by thinking, memorizing and analyzing.

At Strozzi Institute, we see something different: our bodies are inextricably linked to the self. We learn, relate, act and think through the body. We become highly adaptive, intelligent, perceptive and aware through the body. Our incredible brains are an organ of our complex body.

When we bring our whole selves into the conversation of learning, we can then begin to explore embodiment: both our inherited, learned habits (that may or may not be working anymore) and new ways of acting, thinking and relating that are aligned with what we most care about.

Our Vision
Our vision is a life-affirming future for all. Our commitment is to leave the world better than we found it. We support leaders who can meet the challenges of our time: delivering sustainability, interconnectedness, and social equity.
Our Mission
To produce authentically powerful leaders and masterful coaches who embody pragmatic wisdom, skillful action, and grounded compassion; who can use conflict as a generative force.
Our Values
These values not only guide our practices, but are at the root of Strozzi Institute’s operations, relationships, strategy and long-term vision.
Purposeful Action
The genesis of Strozzi Institute’s methodology began in the late 1960’s. While earning his PhD in psychology, founder Richard Strozzi-Heckler, became intrigued by the psychology of mastery – a subject already part of his own experience as a competitive athlete and martial artist.

Richard studied with many teachers and innovators of the time — Dr. Randolph Stone, Magda Proskauer, Doris Breyer, George Leonard, Li Li Tau, Thomas Hanna, Saotome Sensei and Charan Singh — to look at the most effective ways to produce holistic change: change that engaged meaning, intellect, emotion and body; and produced new actions and competencies.

In 1970, Richard founded Lomi School with Dr. Robert K. Hall, Alyssa Hall and Catherine Flaxman. Using his research on holistic change, Lomi worked to further personal excellence, transformative change, leadership and team building among therapists, psychiatrists, counselors and other health professionals.

During this time, Richard was also deepening his own personal proficiency through the martial art of Aikido, earning a 6th degree black belt. By integrating Aikido and bodywork principles with his leadership and holistic change work, an integrative and innovative field developed that we now call Somatics – the unity of language, action, feeling and meaning.

Somatics is based on the understanding that the mind, the body, the self, and our rationality are inextricably linked; to develop one, you must cultivate the others. Modern neuroscience is now catching up with Somatics, offering the psycho-biological grounding for the work.

Richard Strozzi-Hecker’s Lomi School developed into the premier training ground for this pragmatic somatic methodology.
The Army Special Forces engaged Richard in a classified project to increase the Green Beret’s capacity for physical and mental enhancements, as well as team cohesion. The outcomes of the training showed a 56 to 100 percent increase in mental, emotional, physical and team capacity, with a marked increase in leadership ability from all participants.
Realizing the leadership possibilities inherent in the discourse of Somatics, Strozzi Institute was founded in 1985 to serve leaders and coaches. Strozzi Institute begins furthering Embodied Leadership with leaders globally, working within Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and social enterprises; certifying Somatic Coaches and Master Coaches; and integrating somatic bodywork.
Richard began a decade-long collaboration with Fernando Flores, PhD, to combine the business application of Fernando’s linguistic distinctions and Strozzi’s somatic distinctions. Since that collaboration, SI has incorporated the embodiment of linguistic business processes as part of the somatic work. The continual refinement and evolution of Strozzi Institute’s somatic practices is the grounding for Strozzi Institute’s leadership and organizational work.
Strozzi Institute launched the first Somatic Coach Certification program, and has led the field ever since. Somatic Coaching integrates holistic theory, language for action, embodied practices and somatic bodywork to create meaningful and effective change in clients. While many coaching schools are exploring a “body-based component” to their coach training, Strozzi Institute remains the only coach certification program in Somatic Coaching, offering clear theory, somatic change processes and holistic practices.
With the leadership of Staci K. Haines, Strozzi Institute took a new look at the world and at the possibility of making a greater difference. Under Staci’s leadership, Strozzi Institute incorporated as a Benefit Corporation – a new corporate structure that measures a triple bottom line: People + Planet + Profit. While these values have always been a part of Strozzi Institute, becoming a Benefit Corporation allows Strozzi Institute to express this commitment through our business structure. We are also including Sustainable Business as one of our key areas of focus.

Strozzi Institute also formed a for-profit/non-profit partnership with generative somatics(gs). This partnership allowed Strozzi Institute to more powerfully enact our ethics of social equity and environmental sustainability, and support embodied leadership in wider and more diverse circles. While we decided to complete our formal organizational partnership in 2016, we remain in strong relationship with gs and committed to the widespread use of Somatics for social benefit.
Strozzi Institute offers individual, team and organizational development through a unique embodied leadership methodology. We support leaders and teams in creating compelling futures, meaningful engagement and the ability to take effective action. Strozzi Institute runs the leading Somatic Coaching program globally, certifying thousands of coaches, master coaches and trainers. Strozzi Institute also holds powerful personal transformation courses for individuals, groups and communities.
We are thrilled to witness and join the growing community of Benefit Corporations. As of 2012, Strozzi Institute is incorporated as a Benefit Corporation, under California law. As a CA Benefit Corporation, Strozzi Institute is able to demonstrate our long-standing commitment to leadership that benefits people, the sustainability of the planet and viable, profitable businesses. Click here to view our Annual Reports as a CA Benefit Corporation.

In addition, Strozzi Institute is currently pursuing B Corp certification through the nonprofit organization, B Labs. As a certified B Corp, companies uphold rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.
Board of Directors
Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD
Founder, Strozzi Institute
Staci K. Haines
Director of Methodology, Strozzi Institute
Brett Sharenow
Founder & CEO,
Broadscope Consulting

Through our rigorous program of study and committed practice, Strozzi teachers are themselves embodied leaders and coaches who skillfully apply the transformational power of Strozzi’s somatic training to your development.
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All SI Associates are Strozzi Institute Certified and have years of experience and training. Our coaches work with individuals for professional development and personal transition. 

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