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Interactive teachings to embody depth practices and create critical change for yourself and your clients — as a coach, mentor, or practitioner.

“Race is the child of racism, not the father.”

— Ta-Nehisi Coates

How has the construct of race impacted your practice… your business… your life? Do you desire something different?

Do you wish that systems of oppression took less life force?

Do you feel the impacts of a racialized society and imagine a better world? Do you want joy, freedom, choice for your clients… and for yourself?

As a coach, mentor, practitioner, or educator, you’ve committed yourself to supporting change and improvement for your communities...

But how exactly should you do this — in a way that’s critical, important and life affirming?

You may be wondering:

  • What does embodying justice, belonging, and dignity actually mean?

  • What is right-sized for your work, your commitment, and your life?

  • What skills do you need so you can show up with people as they take action towards racial equity?

  • How can you support your clients or community as a coach and practitioner, in a way that doesn’t override or numb the impacts of oppression — but identifies the impacts, helps your clients or community take actions aligned with their goals, and allows them to feel resilience through their bodies?
How can you create more just spaces where all people are fully seen and honored?

Integrating somatic awareness and practices into your work to discover and transform what you’ve internalized around race can help you embody racial justice in yourself, your work with others, and in your community.

If you’re ready to take a closer look at the ways the stories and embodied practices we’ve inherited around race are impacting your clients — and our world  and want to learn how to  build more justice, belonging, and dignity into your work,  but aren't sure exactly how, join us for this new LIVE online course… 

Your instructors, Strozzi teacher Dara Silverman and generative somatics practitioner Brooke Stepp, will equip you to show up and take action towards racial justice during this pivotal time — in your personal relationships, your communities, and with your clients. 

This truly unique program is for both BIPOC, and white people who are coaches, practitioners and educators — and anyone who wants to support their clients, organizations and communities to feel more resilience and capacity through the body.

You’ll explore how the context of race, racism, and white supremacy impacts everyone’s perspectives, access, and opportunities. You’ll also learn what it truly means to embody racial justice within yourself, in your work with others, and within your communities, as you step boldly into ongoing action that’s connected strongly to your visions, values, and the impact you want to have in the world through your work.

In this 11-week depth training program, Dara and Brooke will guide you to explore new practices for embodying your values of liberation, justice, and healing.
You’ll delve deep into essential questions to help you become more conscious of any unexamined patterns that are reinforcing unhealthy power structures...

You’ll learn the relevance of working through the body and how embodiment practices and your own wisdom can deepen your impact — and create lasting change in your work with clients, and as a leader in your larger community.

You’ll become empowered to clarify the racial justice values that can guide your work as a coach.

Dara and Brooke will support you as you embody these values more consistently, particularly under pressure.

This course will help you build a toolkit of somatic practices so you can better cultivate empathy — and develop a wider lens so you can recognize and dignify the social context your clients inhabit.
In this transformative 11-week LIVE online course, you’ll:
Clarify your racial justice values as a coach, therapist, or educator
Learn to work more skillfully with a diverse set of clients
Develop your capacity to hold great depth and complexity on racial justice issues
Build somatic awareness and embodied practices into your work 
Understand the body as a tool for change and deepen your coaching and community work
Explore how you’re shaped by your family, community, institutions, and the landscape in which you’re raised.
Begin to dismantle the impacts of white supremacy on your body, in your work and create more choices around how to respond
Identify your longings and vision, and begin to hold them physically within your body
Deepen the liberatory practices you share with your coaching clients 
Begin to create more effective accountability for yourself — and support your clients as they create effective systems of their own
Build a bigger toolkit of resilience practices that support your work for racial justice
Recognize how white people and BIPOC embody their racial identity in coaching
Move beyond the contractions and contradictions of the primarily white coaching world — for example, the right to comfort, urgency, perfectionism and more — to build a new way of our operating together
Deepen your sense of aliveness and dignity in connection with others
Divest from white supremacy and embody racial justice in your work
Combat the racism and other forms of oppression that are unintentionally causing harm in your practice — and develop new ways to combine somatic coaching and racial justice work
Guide and transform your work with a specific action plan grounded in key racial justice values
Cultivate deeper empathy and sharpen your ability to recognize social context — for yourself and your clients 
Become part of a supportive, loving community of coaches, learners, and leaders that’s dedicated to anti-racist work...
Registration is Now Closed

Please explore our in-person course calendar and our online offerings for more opportunities to get involved.

Join our email list to stay up-to-date with new opportunities.

Here’s What You’ll Discover During These Life-Changing 11 Weeks…
In this 11-week transformational intensive, Dara and Brooke will guide you to  integrate somatic awareness and practices into your work and create more just spaces where all people are fully seen and honored.
Participate in LIVE Online Sessions Through Streaming Video
You’ll connect with Dara and Brooke and experience their teachings through live streaming video via any connected device — or you can listen to just the audio by phone.

(Can’t make it live? It’s no problem! After each class, the video and audio recordings will be available for you to download or stream in high-quality format at your convenience.)

2-Hour Course Sessions Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific Time
This course will feature 8 LIVE two-hour teaching sessions and 3 90-minute Small Group Coaching Circles. At the end of 11 weeks, you’ll be equipped with a new set of practices to support yourself and your clients.

As one of our participants, you’ll join Dara and Brooke in a powerful, container that will help ensure deep growth and lasting connections and pathways to change.  

Session 1 – Introduction: What is Embodied Coaching? (Sept 7)

In this opening session, Dara and Brooke will introduce you to embodied coaching and help ground your work for the weeks to come... They’ll explain the relevance of working through the body for deepening your coaching and community work. You’ll explore how the context of race, racism, and white supremacy impacts everyone’s perspectives, access, and opportunities. You’ll also break off into community conversations on race and develop a deeper understanding of how your socialization lives in the tissues.

In this first session, you’ll:
  • Begin to feel the body as a partner and a tool for change
  • Understand the lineage of this stream of somatics and the history and background of the teaching team
  • Learn practices to deepen your somatic awareness 
  • Explore the importance of embodiment in racial justice work
  • Identify how you’re shaped by your family, community, institutions, and the landscape in which you’re raised
  • Get connected to a community of coaches, learners, and leaders

Session 2 – Declarations: Changing Toward What Matters to Us (Sept 14)

You’ll connect with your visions, values, and the impact you want to have in the world and in your work. Dara and Brooke will guide you to deepen your understanding of how oppression lives in your soma, and why accessing what you care about through the body is so vital. You’ll also look at videos taken from popular culture of people taking a stand for what they care about and moving towards their longings.

In this session, you’ll:
  • Begin to identify your longings and vision for the future
  • Start to feel this through the body 
  • Identify exactly where in your body you feel what you care about — when you’re on purpose 
  • Name how race shapes everyone’s longings and what they consider possible and actionable
  • Clarify how your longings will impact your work and role with clients and coworkers

Coaching Session 1: Clarifying Your Declarations & Commitments

Session 3 – Conditioned Tendency: What Gets in the Way of What We Want (Sept 28)

Dara and Brooke will guide you to explore your habitual reactions under pressure. As you’ll discover, your adaptations are embodied and become unconscious ways of being and behaving. You’ll learn to access, work with, and create more choices around this conditioning... You’ll explore the ways white supremacy shapes your relationship to these automatic responses under pressure.

In this session, you’ll:
  • Identify how patterns show up in you 
  • Begin to recognize your go-to moves under pressure
  • Learn to feel where this pressure begins in the body
  • Identify how your automatic responses are racialized and shaped by the world around you
  • Create more choice around these habitual responses to move toward your declaration
  • Notice how creating more choice impacts your coaching and partnering stance

Session 4 — Building Resilience & Self-Accountability: Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom (Oct 5)

Your resilience is inherent — yet when you’re drawing on it over and over again, your access to it can become limited. This week you’ll learn to find and feel your resilience from many sources inside of and around you in everyday life. You’ll explore how resilience and resources are invaluable pieces in moving towards a commitment to racial justice in your work. You’ll learn how to help clients and colleagues identify where they build resilience. You’ll also learn what gets called resilience, but isn't. You’ll develop your consent practices for different types of interactions in your life.

In this session, you’ll:
  • Begin to identify how you’re already resourcing yourself
  • Build a bigger toolkit of resilience practices that support your work for racial justice
  • Identify where you feel for boundaries in your own body
  • Deepen your experience of self-accountability 
  • Learn tools for making embodied choices of yes, no and maybe
  • Reflect on how your resilience practices have been shaped by the communities in which you were raised and now live
  • Explore the relationship between resilience and conditioned tendencies 

Coaching Session 2: Identifying Your Conditioned Tendencies & Resilience

Session 5 — Somatic Opening 1: Getting to the Roots (Oct 19)

This week you’ll begin to practice towards more choice and more capacity. You’ll learn to move aliveness through your body. Through multiple practices, you’ll explore how to support yourself and others in moving toward what you really care about.

In this session, you’ll:
  • Develop more capacity to feel your responses under pressure
  • Explore how you support and show up for others
  • Deepen your sense of aliveness and dignity in connection with others
  • Prepare for more deeply embodied storytelling 

Session 6 — Somatic Opening 2: Unfurling (Oct 26)

Dara and Brooke will guide you to feel for your boundaries and the limits that live in your body. You’ll cultivate greater embodied emotional intelligence. Through practice, storytelling, and reflection, you’ll move towards more feeling and more choice. You’ll deepen your exploration of what self and collective accountability looks and feels like.

In this session, you’ll:
  • Learn to listen and share stories from the body, including all parts of yourself
  • Explore new ways of feeling vulnerable and staying with yourself as you share
  • Practice sharing stories about how you and your body have been shaped by race over time 
  • Deepen your experience of communal accountability 

Coaching Session 3: Recognizing & Feeling Into Somatic Openings

Session 7 — Deepening Practice: Aligning Your Vision & Practice (Nov 9)

This session will move you towards rounding out the somatic arc of transformation and moving towards a new shape and way of being. You’ll explore contradictions holding more than one thought and feeling at one time. You’ll deepen your capacity to ask powerful questions — and explore how to bring this work and practice into your life in an ongoing way.

In this session, you’ll:
  • Develop an embodied capacity to hold more than one idea at one time 
  • Continue exploring how to source coaching questions from the body 
  • Identify how to keep your practices going
  • Explore what accountability looks and feels like
  • Discern which supports will help move you towards your longings

Session 8 – Completion and What’s Next (Nov 16)

In this final week, you’ll move toward completion from the ground up. You’ll ask yourself, How do I recognize my patterns around endings? Dara and Brooke will guide you to discover ongoing practices to help you embody your declarations, increase your resilience, and work well with pressure and change. You’ll learn about how to continue on the Somatics pathway...

In this closing session, you’ll:
  • Identify your next steps for continued practice 
  • Receive a toolkit for ongoing practice 
  • Explore ways of continuing this work together into the future
  • Make future commitments towards furthering racial justice 
Interact with lead Strozzi Institute teachers via Streaming Video

You’ll easily connect with your instructors (and your new global community!) face-to-face via video. Joining them online is easy — just use your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Again, don’t worry if you can’t join live! Complete video and audio recordings will be available for you soon after each session.

In Embodying Equity, You’ll Receive:
  • Eight 2-Hour Class Sessions

  • Eight Video Recordings of Class Sessions
    Following each class, the digital video will be available for you to download or stream in high-quality format. Whether or not you join us live, and you can always watch later whenever it’s convenient for you.

  • Eight Audio Recordings of Class Sessions
    Following each class, the audio will be available for you to download in high-quality MP3 format. Whether or not you join us live you can always listen later at your convenience.

  • Eight Transcripts of Class Sessions

  • Three 90-minute Coaching Circles

  • Your New Online Community.
    Our supportive online community will help you deepen your somatic journey. You’ll have a new group of like-minded fellow seekers to discuss your course materials and experiences with as you take your exploration to an even deeper level.

The facilitation and content were exemplary.

— Strozzi Graduate

About Dara Silverman

Dara is a white, queer, Jewish, consultant, somatic coach and trainer with 20 years working with organizations and movements for social, racial, economic and gender justice.

Dara partners with trainers of color to lead organizational change, community organizing and leadership development initiatives centering racial justice, equity and liberation. Dara partners with white trainers to lead caucuses and trainings specifically for white organizers and leaders on dismantling white supremacy in ourselves, organizations and movements.  

Her anti-racist lineage dates back to her years as a community organizer with ACORN, and Neighbor to Neighbor in the 1990s. She was on the board of the National Organizers Alliance, where she learned about the long history of white people doing anti-racist work and hosted their first training for 100+ white organizers in 1998. Previously, she was the founding Director of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) and the Executive Director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) in New York City. 

Dara has been studying Somatics with the Strozzi Institute and generative somatics since 2011. She became a Somatic Coach in 2013 and has been in the Strozzi Institute Teacher Training since 2017. She is based in Beacon, NY where she founded a local Mutual Aid group and grows eight kinds of berries.

About Brooke Stepp

Brooke is a mixed race, black and white, nonbinary, queer femme somatic coach, therapist, facilitator, trainer, and community organizer who has been working at the intersection of social justice and healing for most of their adult life. 

Brooke has trained with generative somatics since 2010 and finds much of their inspiration from this lineage. Brooke comes to healing work by way of their work inside of social justice movements. They were politicized inside of the anti-war movement and have been part of movements for racial and economic justice ever since. Her most recent projects have involved tenant rights and organizing healing justice spaces inside of the movement for Black lives. Brooke strives to be a bridge between liberation and healing work, acknowledging that our personal well being is intimately tied to our collective well being. They see much of their work as supporting the dignity, power, and agency of those they work with in order to make bigger and wider impacts towards that liberation.

When Brooke isn't doing this work, they are dancing, connecting with their community and close people, hanging out with their 3 perfect and amazing cats, reading lots of good political theory, training muay thai, and going for walks through their neighborhood. They are based in Seattle, WA (Duwamish/Coast Salish territory).

Strozzi Somatics

Strozzi Institute is the creator of embodied transformation—a unique, neuroscience-based approach that integrates mindfulness, action-oriented communication, martial arts, and generative conflict training to prepare leaders, coaches, and teams to meet today's biggest challenges.

Over 45 Years of Experience

Our unique and powerful embodied leadership methodology positions us as the leading institution shaping executives, teams, and leaders toward mastery in their business. We have over 45 years of experience in delivering innovative programs to a diversity of organizations around the globe that include Fortune 500, large governmental agencies, small businesses, B-corps, NGOs, sustainable business visionaries, multinational companies, and budding entrepreneurs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do I do if I am unable to attend the live sessions?

A: If you are unable to attend the live session the video and audio recordings of the live sessions will be made available to you on Thinkific within 24 hours of the live session. Please be sure to watch the recording prior to the next live session to ensure you are current with the progression of the course material.

Q: Do you offer closed captioning or transcripts for your online courses?

A: Yes, to help everyone get the most out of the live and recorded content, we offer live closed captioning and rough transcriptions (AI generated with 90% accuracy) for all of our online workshops.

Q: How long after the course ends will the materials be accessible to me?

A: Course materials will be available to you for one year after the course ends.

Q: How will the course materials be shared with participants?

A: Course Materials are shared on a rolling basis through our online learning platform called Thinkific, with new material released with each live session. Each session’s chapter will start with a Zoom link or recording of the 2-hour live training session and include any supporting readings, handouts, worksheets, and assignments.

Q: Is there anything I have to do to prepare for this course?

A: Yes. We send an email two weeks before the course inviting you to the online learning platform. We ask all participants to review pre-course logistics and materials for the course as well as complete a pre-course student agreement and survey BEFORE the fist live training session.

Q: Can I share the materials and recordings with my friends?

A: No. We ask that you do not share the course materials and content with folks who have not enrolled in the course. Strozzi Institute wants to make the course material accessible to you and we ask that you honor the copyright and student agreement that you sign at the start of the course.

Q: What is the refund/cancellation policy if I decide this course is not for me?

A: Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If Embodying Equity isn’t a great fit for you, for whatever reason — refunds will be issued up until 5 PM Pacific Time on September 7, 2021.

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