Embody Racial Justice
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Discover how to transform patterns that reinforce unhealthy power structures — in your life, in your practice, and in the world.

Explore new practices for embodying your chosen values of liberation, justice, and healing.
The past year has been an awakening for many of us... 

As the profound impacts of racism and white supremacy demanded to be recognized and named like never before, many of us who are coaches, mentors, practitioners, educators, and leaders found ourselves unsure how to show up during this time — in our personal relationships, our communities, and with our clients. 

Many of us feel called to action… 

How can you build more justice, belonging and dignity — especially for Black, Indigenous People of Color — into your work?

What skills do you need to be able to show up with white people and help them take action towards racial justice? 

How can you support your Black and Brown clients and communities to feel resilience through the body?

What’s more: how can you integrate somatic awareness and practices into your work to discover and transform what you’ve internalized around race — and create more just spaces where all people are fully seen and honored.

The truth is, educating oneself about racism is a step in the right direction — and it’s also not enough. Awareness of white supremacy is not enough. 

Even the often-painful process of becoming conscious of your own embodiment around race  is not enough... 

What does it mean to embody racial justice in ourselves, in our work with others, and in our communities? 

It’s about taking small and large action in our lives — and stepping boldly into ongoing action to help create the world we want and need.

We’re living in an era of historical awakening and transformation at every level. Coaches and other practitioners are among those taking a closer look at the ways the stories and embodied practices we’ve inherited around race  are impacting our clients — and our world. 

Join us for a powerful brand-new workshop as Strozzi teacher Dara Silverman and generative somatics practitioner Brooke Stepp share how to integrate embodiment practices and your own wisdom to deepen your impact — and create lasting change in your own life and for your clients.
During this free online event with Dara & Brooke, you’ll discover:
  • Why it’s critical to divest from white supremacy and embody racial justice in your work

  • Understanding how racism and other forms of oppression may be unintentionally causing harm in your practice

  • How to develop an action plan grounded in key racial justice values that can guide and transform your work

  • Techniques to stay consistent — especially under pressure  as you implement racial justice values in your work

  • Build your somatic capacity for cultivating empathy and developing a wider lens for recognizing social context — for yourself and your clients

  • Two powerful guided practices to support embodying racial justice values in your work

You’ll also discover how conversations about race often get derailed because well-meaning people are using the same terms in different ways — Dara and Brooke will share some key definitions you’ll need to know, including equity, equality, justice, and more.

During this powerful event, you’ll hear about a chance to join a brand-new 11-week somatic training to embody racial justice in your coaching and mentoring work. We’ll equip you with a library of practices to support you, your clients, organizational leaders, and social justice movements.

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Through Somatic awareness (becoming aware of sensations), Somatic opening (bodywork to release held patterns in the body) and Somatic practices (meditation, movement, and being present in everyday life) you can integrate the body-oriented methodology of Strozzi Somatics to help you dissolve habits, behaviors and beliefs — that are keeping you from moving forward in your critical areas of your life.
Here’s What Students & Teachers Are Saying About Strozzi Somatics...
To relax into full learning mode as a student is a true delight.
As someone whose life passion is teaching and learning, I am grateful and appreciative beyond words to have Richard as a teacher of such extraordinary calibre.... To have a level of trust to be able to relax into full learning mode as a student is a true delight.

Billy Strean, PhD

Strozzi Institute is the founding home for somatics.

– Amanda Blake, Master Somatic Coach & Author of "Your Body is Your Brain”

“...helped transform my relationship to yearning...”
[Richard led] a physical experience of my deep yearning — and that yearning itself is a source in the mystery. To feel this in my heart center, solar plexus and belly — each at different times — helped transform my relationship to yearning from one of vulnerability and shame to one of exultation.

 James Shaffer

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Your information is safe with us! We’ll never share or sell it, we’ll only use it to send you notifications and helpful info, and you can unsubscribe anytime. 
About Dara Silverman
Dara is a white, queer, Jewish, consultant, somatic coach and trainer with 20 years working with organizations and movements for social, racial, economic and gender justice.

Dara partners with trainers of color to lead organizational change, community organizing and leadership development initiatives centering racial justice, equity and liberation. Dara partners with white trainers to lead caucuses and trainings specifically for white organizers and leaders on dismantling white supremacy in ourselves, organizations and movements.

Her anti-racist lineage dates back to her years as a community organizer with ACORN, and Neighbor to Neighbor in the 1990s. She was on the board of the National Organizers Alliance, where she learned about the long history of white people doing anti-racist work and hosted their first training for 100+ white organizers in 1998. Previously, she was the founding Director of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) and the Executive Director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) in New York City.

Dara has been studying Somatics with the Strozzi Institute and generative somatics since 2011. She became a Somatic Coach in 2013 and has been in the Strozzi Institute Teacher Training since 2017. She is based in Beacon, NY where she founded a local Mutual Aid group and grows eight kinds of berries.
About Brooke Stepp
Brooke is a mixed race, black and white, nonbinary, queer femme somatic coach, therapist, facilitator, trainer, and community organizer who has been working at the intersection of social justice and healing for most of their adult life. 

Brooke has trained with generative somatics since 2010 and finds much of their inspiration from this lineage. Brooke comes to healing work by way of their work inside of social justice movements. They were politicized inside of the anti-war movement and have been part of movements for racial and economic justice ever since. Her most recent projects have involved tenant rights and organizing healing justice spaces inside of the movement for Black lives. Brooke strives to be a bridge between liberation and healing work, acknowledging that our personal well being is intimately tied to our collective well being. They see much of their work as supporting the dignity, power, and agency of those they work with in order to make bigger and wider impacts towards that liberation.

When Brooke isn't doing this work, they are dancing, connecting with their community and close people, hanging out with their 3 perfect and amazing cats, reading lots of good political theory, training muay thai, and going for walks through their neighborhood. They are based in Seattle, WA (Duwamish/Coast Salish territory).
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