Strozzi Somatics for Embodied Transformation

A 4-Day In-Person Training Event
With Staci Haines & LeeAnn Mallorie
May 20 - 23, 2021

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Discover How to Embody the 5 Pillars of Transformation with Staci K. Haines

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Inspire others with a centered presence that embodies authenticity, integrity, accountability, and confidence.

Transform the habit of reaction into presence, discernment, and choice — in every part of your life. 

What do you want in your life that you don't have right now?

What do you care about most? What future do you want?

What are you doing each day to make it happen?

Join Strozzi Institute’s Somatic Teachers for a 4-day, in-person course to get clear on the answers to these questions — and all the questions every embodied seeker must answer.

True embodiment happens when your actions consistently reflect your values and your commitment, especially under pressure...

When you stay embodied under pressure, you free yourself to uncover the highest vision for your life.

We're here to help you align your vision of who you want to be with daily practices to actually live your values and vision every day.

This in-person program offers you the core practices of Embodied Transformation. You'll deepen your embodiment of declarations, and learn practices to align your actions with what you most care about.

You'll discover what truly matters to you as you learn to honor how you’ve been shaped — and where that no longer serves you.

Through somatic opening processes practices, readings, reflections, bodywork, and more; new options will emerge — shifting you from reaction to presence, discernment, and choice.

You'll learn foundational embodied skills like centered request and boundaries, mutual connection, and rethinking conflict as a generative part of life — as you deepen trust and authenticity.

At the end of these four days, you’ll walk away with a holistic plan, a declaration for your life based on what you long for most — the conditions of satisfaction that must be met to live authentically.

Your declaration worksheet will help you continue making it happen every day, and you’ll understand exactly how to continue measuring your progress...

Six months from now, you’ll look, feel, and be completely different.

This unique 4-day event is especially for you if you’re:
  • A coach or consultant who sees life as it is and as it could be — and feels called to bridge the gap for your clients
  • A social entrepreneur, nonprofit professional, organizer, or civic leader who’s striving to bring out the greatness in those you serve
  • A healer, educator, parent, or other caretaker who needs to stay centered as you support others
  • A mission-driven business leader and high performer seeking greater performance, profit, and impact
  • Growth-minded and in transition — and ready for more clarity, focus, and ease in your life and work
Join us and deepen into a somatic sensibility as you discover the skills and practices to continue on toward your most powerful visions and deepest values, every single day.
During this 4-day in-person event, you’ll:

• Deepen your ability to work with the five foundations of embodied transformation

• Expand your skill in somatic awareness, somatic practices, and somatic opening, and how they reside within a social context, land and Spirit

• Align your practices with the embodied skills you need to be and act from your vision and declaration

• Learn centered boundaries, requests, and the body-based ability to navigate complexity

• Understand how you have been shaped by personal, community, and social experiences and how to work with this shaping

• Learn both individual and collective practices that deepen your ability to be centered under pressure, create mutual connection, navigate conflict and increase trust

• Explore how to more effectively coordinate with others toward your mutual goals

• Discover how to give and receive somatic assessments that deepen relationship and uplift what you and others care about

• Utilize a somatic sensibility in your life and work

• And more...

What You’ll Discover During This Life-Changing 4-Day In-Person Event

You’ll create a declaration, or statement of vision, toward the future you want as you align your vision with your daily actions.

Each training session features in-depth teaching, guided exercises, interactive training, and practices — including with partners  — you can apply right away.

The Strozzi Institute’s 45-year old somatic methodology combines elements of mindfulness, action-oriented communication, martial arts, bodywork, and neuroscience to produce sustainable change…

Graduates of this transformative course embody the virtues of authenticity, integrity, accountability, confidence, and a centered presence.

Through embodiment, you become your powerful vision.

Four Days of In-Person Wisdom Teachings, Trainings & Practices
You'll receive your training at the Strozzi Institute dojo, located on a 13-acre ranch in the rolling hills of Petaluma, California
May 20 - 23, 2021

Sessions will be held 9am to 5pm Pacific Thursday through Saturday, and 9am to 4pm Pacific on Sunday
Day 1: The Body is the Domain for Learning

On this opening day, you’ll delve into the body as the domain of action, mood, coordination, learning, and dignity…

As you meet your fellow participants (and better understand yourself) you’ll redefine somatics, including the change in Self that comes from a profound change in body and practices.

You’ll set your own declaration as you set specific conditions for your investment in yourself over these four days. You’ll learn how to embody your commitment to galvanize others, and yourself...

    As you’ll discover,  Self is your fundamental source of Power.

    In this opening session, you’ll:

    • Reflect on and share your declaration
    • Discover how the Self is indistinguishable from the body
    • Learn to be present with others, open to possibility, connected to Self — and connected to what you care about
    • Declare the Dojo (from a Sanskrit word meaning “place of awakening”)  as a place of learning that will include your teacher, fellow learners, and practices
    • Discover the value of a Kata (a series of moves)
    • Move through guided partner practices including Standing Centering Practice (communal standing Somatic grounding), Walk in Walk Out, Hand on Chest, and more
    • And much more...
    Day 2: The 3 Circles — The Core Components for Embodied Somatic Transformation

    Where are you at this moment?

    You’ll begin your second day centering in action. You’ll discover The Three Circles, a cognitive framework to help you track and understand the many changes and transformations that will take place over the next three days...

    You’ll also receive deep attention training as you learn the ancient roots, modern neuroscientific discoveries, and health benefits of sitting, meditation, and more. (If you’re already initiated into your own path with a teacher, you’re free to practice your own form of meditation.)

      You’ll also discover how your body holds the sum total of your history — your adaptations, practices, resiliencies, and more.

      On this second day, you’ll discover:

      • How to uncover your reactions and and stressors when you’re under pressure
      • Why and how we’re all fundamentally built to adapt so we can seek safety, belonging and love, and dignity
      • How your longings, commitments, and what has been broken lives within the tissues of your body — and how you can observe it all, and take action
      • The three common reactions you might experience in relation to power, pressure, and stress
      • The true meaning of a somatic assessment
      • How to give and receive assessments to help develop others, guiding them in becoming less reactive and more trusting — so you can build powerful purposeful teams and organizations
      • New partner practices (including Arm Extension), plus powerful small group work
      • And more...
      Day 3: The Rhythm of Action — Conditions of Satisfaction

      Today you’ll discover how to take coordinated, effective action toward a shared vision.

      Your teacher will take you through an entire cycle of action as you grasp techniques to help you learn from mistakes and adapt to changes as you move forward.

      You’ll receive large-group coaching to help you deepen, learn, and embody transformation.

        You’ll be guided to ask questions of yourself, including, What is something you want to promise to say yes to? What is an offer that you need to make to fulfill your declaration? What is an even bolder offer? And more...

        On the third day, you’ll explore:

        • The conditions of satisfaction, including taking actions toward the fulfillment of your declaration
        • How to become a committed listener who incorporates both support and accountability
        • How space represents your world and how to own the space as soon as you walk in a room
        • The competencies you must embody as a leader
        • The true meaning of sustainable business — embodying and acting from your values
        • New guided practices including shoulder massage, deeper partner work, and becoming centered in chaos
        • And more...
        Day 4: New Shape, New Actions, New Future

        On your final day, you’ll ask yourself, What's your good news? What's changing in you?

        As you get clear on how to take all you’ve learned out into your daily life, you’ll make plenty of space for gratitude and celebration.

        You’ll participate in a practice to appreciate someone in life who’s love, support, or efforts have allowed you to be here — and let them know you appreciate them publicly.

          As you become clear on your virtues and values, you’ll also speak about the virtues of someone you can never repay.

          On this closing day, you’ll:

          • Explore the Arc of Transformation as a framework for understanding the changes you’re experiencing — and how to deepen and continue after the course
          • Become equipped to continue on toward your declaration after you head back home — including the predictable hopes and challenges to look out for
          • Move through practices with a new partner, including an exercise to decipher your virtues — and appreciate each other’s virtues, too
          • Write a card to send yourself six weeks from now — what do you want to remind yourself of?
          • Choose an accountability practice partner to text daily for the next month
          • And much more...
          Here’s What You’ll Receive when you register for Embodied Transformation with Strozzi Somatics:
          Four days of sessions with Strozzi Institute Lead Somatic Teachers
          Receive depth teachings, guided practices, partner work, demonstrations, and interactive small and large group sessions.
          Depth Practices & Exercises
          In addition to the guided sessions, you’ll receive practices, exercises, and “assignments,” to deepen your experience and skills long after you return home.
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          Embodied Transformation with Strozzi Somatics In-Person Course

          May 20-23, 2021
          Petaluma, CA
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          Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

          Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Please see our cancellation policy for complete details.

          What students are saying about Strozzi Somatics:

          "She presents things with extraordinary clarity..."
          Staci Haines is one of the best teachers I've ever encountered. She creates a safe and engaging space in which to explore and learn. And, Staci has a very grounded and warm presence, she presents things with extraordinary clarity, and she responds to inquiries and offers demos with the utmost respect and care. In addition, the content and somatic practices of the course complement each other beautifully and have the power to be transformational.

          Misty Perez Truedson

          "There's no better place to learn & practice these skills than with the Strozzi Institute's community of teachers and practitioners."
          The instruction, coaching, and encouragement to be in a community of practice deepened my somatic awareness and continued to support my own embodied change, for the sake of liberation and love with power. I need - we need - this embodied competency to meet this moment. There's no better place to learn & practice these skills than with the Strozzi Institute's community of teachers and practitioners.

          – Caitlin Brune

          "The masterful instructors were authentic..."
          This class was a godsend for me... The masterful instructors were authentic, making it safe for everyone to show up in whatever mood or place they were in. I learned several practices that are helping me live out my commitments in the world.

          Rebecca Glenn

          "It was dramatically different than anything I had experienced before."
          We wanted a game changer for accelerating our high performing teams and our leadership team. I've worked with a lot of different leadership programs and the Strozzi Institute’s is the one that works. It was dramatically different than anything I had experienced before. It's their ability to connect the mind, language, action, and the body into sustainable practices. And we were able to see actual true change in a very short amount of time. It deeply resonated with our teams in a meaningful and authentic way.

          – John Pershing, SVP HR Ascena Retail Group

          "The execution and the team has been the most professional I have ever seen."
          I loved it! It was very profound and subtle at the same time. The execution and the team has been the most professional I have ever seen. Humanity, values, care, love were always at the foreground. I feel humbled and grateful to have been part of this experience.

          – Tania Fichtner, Director at Tajo Consulting (Mexico City, Mexico)

          Over 45 Years of Experience

          We have over 45 years experience delivering innovative programs for organizations around the globe that include Fortune 500 companies, large governmental agencies, small businesses, B-corps, NGOs, the U.S. Military, and NATO. Strozzi Institute is the original architect of Embodied Leadership—a unique approach that combines neuroscience, holistic practice, action-oriented communication, and mindfulness.
          When we help people embody their values, their ability to stay centered and present as they lead—in spite of any adversity—is what allows them to drive transformational change.

          Embodied learning means knowledge is retained and utilized not only from a cognitive understanding, but from a felt experience through the body. This felt experience means that you will be able to take new actions aligned with your values and vision, even under the same old pressures. 

          Meet Your Teachers
          Staci K. Haines

          Staci K. Haines is a national leader in the field of Somatics, specializing in intersecting personal and social change. Staci is the co-founder of generative somatics, a multiracial social justice organization bringing somatics to social and climate justice leaders and organizations. She specializes in Somatics and Trauma, and leads programs for healers, therapists, and social change leaders to transform the impact of individual and social trauma and violence. Her new book The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing and Social Justice (North Atlantic Press 2019) is based on that work.

          Staci is a senior teacher at Strozzi Institute and the Director of Methodology, having studied and worked with Strozzi Institute since 1995. She has worked extensively with organizational leaders, including corporate executives, non-profits, and social entrepreneurs.

          Staci is the author of The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing and Social Justice (North Atlantic Press 2019) and Healing Sex: A Mind Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma (Cleis 1999, 2007). Healing Sex has been nationally recognized and translated into German, Japanese and Spanish. Lastly, Staci is the founder of generationFIVE, a community leadership organization whose mission is to end the sexual abuse of children within five generations. 

          LeeAnn Mallorie
          LeeAnn Mallorie, MAPP, MSC is an executive coach and the CEO of Leading in Motion. She coaches, speaks and trains on embodied leadership, positive psychology and the intersection of wellness & leadership. LeeAnn’s passion is helping mission-driven leaders walk their talk. Her clients range from C-level executives to high-potential, emerging leaders. LeeAnn believes that lasting change startsin a leader’s physical body, and has ripple effects in the communities and organizations they serve.

          LeeAnn helps teams achieve their strategic goals by focusing on root cause of obstacles, identifying untapped internal strengths, and designing programs that create lasting change. She earned her Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and is a Master Somatic Coach, certified by the Strozzi Institute. She is also an avid dancer, a certified Dancing Freedom facilitator and a black belt level Nia Technique instructor. Organizations impacted by LeeAnn’s work include NASA, Capital One, M&T Bank, Shell Oil, Encore Capital Group, Mattel, CGR, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and Navair.
          Register Now!
          Embodied Transformation with Strozzi Somatics

          May 20-23, 2021
          Petaluma, CA
          Pay in Full

          One Payment of

          Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

          Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Please see our cancellation policy for complete details.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What are the dates/time for this training?
          The training is held 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

          Where is this training being held?
          This course is offered at the Strozzi Institute dojo (which means "place of training" in traditional Japanese arts) located on a 13-acre ranch in the rolling hills of Petaluma, California.

          What about transportation, food, and lodging?
          Organic meals (with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options), sourced and prepared locally, are provided for lunches during all training days. Transportation and lodging are not included. See our recommended lodging options for our Petaluma location here.

          Are scholarships available?
          Strozzi Institute is committed to making our courses as available and accessible as possible. We offer a limited number of scholarships to students. Scholarship details.

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