Embodied Leadership:

Tapping into the Wisdom of Your Body

with LeeAnn Mallorie

A 3-hour online course


It has become increasingly clear that information does not change behavior…

Practices do.

We learn at an early age that rational thought, facts, and data are more important than what we actually feel and sense. We are taught to trust “the experts” over our own inner knowing.

We have been directed — in the culture at large, and within business especially — to ignore our bodies and disconnect from our intuition in order to be effective leaders.

But the problem is
, our standard corporate culture doesn’t inspire true leadership.

When we neglect certain voices, extract from our team rather than engage them, use command-and-control tactics, and value dividends over a higher purpose, we miss a greater opportunity for

Embodied Leadership: Tapping into the Wisdom of Your Body, you will learn how to practice listening to your own intuition and trusting the wisdom of your body as an original source of information from which innovative ideas and authentic approaches will spring.

You will exponentially increase your capacity to lead when you engage your whole self — mind, emotions, spirit… and body. And you will learn to use your own embodied presence to uncover innate powers you turned off earlier in your career.

Join LeeAnn to learn what you need to practice in order to be the leader you want to be and who the world needs.


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LeeAnn Mallorie

P.S. The wisdom of the body is accessible across lines of class, race, and religion. All you need is someone to remind you how to listen, connect with, and follow your deepest longings as the path to powerful leadership. The wisdom of your body is your birthright.

“LeeAnn is a soft, powerful, master in leadership…”

— Josie Santiago




In this 3-hour course, you’ll learn skills to:

Increase your awareness of how your body plays a role in leadership so you can tap into the wisdom of your body
Learn practices to embody your values and goals so you can stay authentic while navigating relationships with others

Feel empowered, courageous, and capable to take the next steps as a leader

Bring the two parts of your life — your authentic self and your work in the world — together so you never feel split again

Embodied Leadership:

Tapping into the Wisdom of Your Body

3-hour online course with LeeAnn Mallorie


Join LeeAnn Mallorie for this special 3-hour course now

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Meet Your Presenter

LeeAnn Mallorie

LeeAnn Mallorie, MAPP, MSC is a master somatic and executive coach, the CEO of Leading in Motion, and author of Guts & Grace. LeeAnn coaches, speaks and trains on embodied leadership, positive psychology and the intersection of wellness & leadership. LeeAnn’s passion is helping mission-driven leaders walk their talk. Her clients range from C-level executives to high-potential, emerging leaders. LeeAnn believes that lasting change starts in a leader’s physical body, and has ripple effects in the communities and organizations they serve.

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