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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
An Embodied Approach to Empowering all People in Your Company

Our embodied leadership Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs combine the most pragmatic and sustainable transformational methodology with the highest standards of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) training. 

Our consulting develops inclusive leaders for collaborative and competitive advantage through:

  • Embodied Action Training
  • Virtual Awareness and Skill Building Trainings
  • Experiential Events
  • Keynotes
  • Executive Coaching

There is a well-established business case for global DE&I. The outcomes are measurable: DE&I helps to grow an inclusive culture and brand, fuel high-performing teams, open markets, increase sales, win and retain talent, build partnerships, create safer work environments, and innovate efficiently.

Diversity work has historically focused on programming in support of women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ communities, and other under-represented communities. That work is necessary,  useful, and a core aspect of our offerings.

And we see that this work is only part of the solution...

Engaging people from systemically privileged groups is essential to DE&I solutions.  Such engagement leads to ally development and collaboration for change. Frankly, people in positions of privilege have to do the work if your company is going to achieve sustainable transformational change.

An embodied approach to change, grounded in a social equity commitment, lets us both learn how to undo what is oppressive, unleash the creativity and engagement of all people, and build the seeing and actionable skills to work together toward equity.

Unconscious Biases and historical structures make it difficult for some people to advance and easier for others. This inequity harms all staff, stakeholders, and society at large.

We “embody” the social norms and conditions we are raised and living in. We “embody” these because of the default narratives and practices we have inherited. While these conditions may not align with what we value or even how we see ourselves, we embody them and think and act from them anyway.

These conditions leave us with few skills to assess equity and power well, particularly if we have more systemic privilege.  Most teams need new tools and knowledge to perceive and act on the differences between personal, interpersonal and institutional issues and power, or know how to ally to build equity into our relationships and organizations.

Business and social trends now push companies to optimize the results of diversity and equity work by developing allies across every dimension of difference: men coming alongside women and non-binary people, white people building relationships of trust with colleagues and clients of color, etc.

Only when DEI becomes embodied by everyone on your team, can you truly build the inclusive, effective, and empowered team you desire. 

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"Strozzi Institute has been at the forefront of the leadership development and coaching world for decades. Their unique approach artfully blends rigour, depth and soul. It empowers leaders and coaches across the globe to live onto their biggest potential in service of a better future for all. Partnering with them has been one of our greatest joys."
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"It encourages and almost expects people to get into a level of depth and openness and authenticity that I haven’t seen in other programs."
Jeff Gerstel, CEO Dressbarn
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Brandon Srot, Shusterman Fellow
"Hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself and my career."
Cary Parker, Executive Director, Arvest Bank
"I've worked with a lot of different leadership programs, whether be it Gallop, Linkage, others. Other trainings that you put into an organization are more event based and might give you something to think about that you don't have lasting effect. They don't push for the sustained practices. They don't make the connection between the body and how you think shows up in your actions. And the Strozzi Institutes is the one that works."
John Pershing, former SVP HR Ascena Retail
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