Sioma Waisburd
Domains: Personal, Leadership, Business/Corporate
Phone: 858.337.7341
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Sioma Waisburd (San Diego, CA) is a Wellness Entrepreneur and Coach. Originally from Mexico, he travelled to India post-college to study Ayurvedic medicine. He then started Whole e Nature ( to bring ancient, healing ingredients into our lives. He is a partner, board member, and product development director at Chosen Foods (, making healthy foods accessible nationwide. Sioma has cultivated and applied somatic practices into his life, making them a centerpiece of his entrepreneurial journey. As a Somatic Coach, his passion is sharing how somatic qualities improve life, work, and everything in between. He believes that somatic work makes one a better leader and entrepreneur by fostering empathy, dignity, compassion, and strengthening one’s center. For Sioma, becoming a better leader is fundamental not only in the context of work, but also in guiding our dreams, goals, and ultimately, our lives. Sioma holds an MBA from Babson College, and B.A and B.B.A from the University of San Diego.