Sharon Hainsfurther
Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal
Phone: 202.390.0328
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What is being called forth in you?
What is the best expression of your values at this moment in your life?
What is no longer serving you as you move towards fulfilling what matters most?

I’ve been working deeply with clients for more than 20 years. I offer to work with you with a focus on self-leadership in the professional and personal roles you take on in your life.

In working together, we can draw flexibly from the background of training and experience I bring including Strozzi Somatics, ontological coaching, change and transition strategy work, and mindfulness-based emotional intelligence. I’m a long-time student of Aikido holding Sandan (3rd degree blackbelt) rank. We can consider incorporating aspects of this discipline to support you in moving towards the outcomes you are seeking.

In addition to working 1:1, I’m a team coach and process facilitator working globally with corporate systems, multilateral organizations, institutional partners, and developing country governments. I’m certified and experienced in a wide range of instruments and approaches to work in these domains and often combine coaching and organizational consulting. I look forward to meeting you!