Sally Myers
Domains: Executive, leadership, Corporate/Business
Other: Somatic Bodywork available
Phone: 602.840.0606

Sally Myers (Phoenix, AZ) is a certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach who recognizes that the mind and body are inextricably linked and focuses on integrating both into one whole.  She serves as a mentor for women who are not only looking to broaden their personal and career opportunities, but also help navigate life’s transitions.

Sally is a founder and one of the five principals of the of c. myers corporation.  She has facilitated hundreds of strategic planning sessions, while helping teams and individuals move to think outside of their silos through Strategic Leadership Development.  Throughout her time at c. myers, Sally has spoken at countless national and regional conferences, and has worked to help executives and senior managements think, plan, and act strategically and proactively to ensure sustainability during turbulent times.

Whether during a strategic planning session or a one‐on‐one mentoring opportunity, Sally has mastered the ability of taking complex issues and breaking them down into understandable parts of the whole, in person and remotely with clients.  Her work focuses on linking strategy with leadership, and helping leaders grow, transition, and create sustainable businesses.