Renée Speijcken
Domains: Leadership, Personal, Executive, Non-profit
Other: Bodywork Available
Phone: +31 (0) 627392242
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Renée Speijcken (Maastricht, The Netherlands) is a Strozzi-certified somatic coach, body worker, certified yoga teacher, educator, facilitator and consultant. Renée’s unique approach invites her clients to become more present and alive in their human experience. Building awareness, creativity, resilience and the ability to take meaningful, authentic and skillful actions allows them to produce results they care about. This is done by a combination of movement and conversational practices, awareness training, breath work, bodywork and creating learning communities. Her clients experience the same combination of heart, humanity and professionalism that she provided during her 15 years of international field and consultancy work in development cooperation. To produce sustainable, fair and effective results in public services, she helped build awareness, mutual respect, trust, dialogue and new modes of cooperation between social, political, environmental and educational leaders, activists and students. Teaching yoga and working with bodies for almost 10 years, allowed her to witness the amazing potential for healing, resilience and joy of body, mind and spirit. With this unique blend of experiences and deeply embodied set of skills, Renée facilitates and supports her clients in their personal and or professional journey to lead a more fulfilling life.