René Benavides – Vision to Action (VTA) Collective
Domains: Certified Somatic Coach
Other: In Person, Zoom/ Online
Phone: 510-427-3840

Rene Benavides (she/they) is the founder of Vision to Action (VTA) Collective, an organization committed to creating a more inclusive, equitable and just future where all people thrive.  A place where politicized healing arts practitioners gather to organize, decolonize practice and build towards new futures.  Rene is an experienced designer, facilitator, somatic coach and bodyworker and currently lives on Ohlone land (also known as San Leandro, CA) with their partner and three children.  Rene’s career demonstrates a long held commitment to healing justice and educational freedom; working towards integrated mental health and healing services as part of the child welfare and education system. 

Currently, Rene coaches leaders around the country and across sectors as a leadership coach and works with organizations towards embodying their vision for change.  Their somatic coaching and bodywork practice emphasizes working with BIPOC & 2SQTGNC folx whose purpose it is to make change in the world.  Rene’s practice is largely shaped by her lived experience as an reconnecting and remembering Indigenous, queer, disabled person.  To that end, Rene grounds their coaching and facilitation in ancestral wisdom, ritual and sees the role of holding space with others as sacred.