Mary Kaiser
Domains: Corporate/Business, Executive, Personal
Other: In Person, Zoom/ Online
Phone: 3034941499

Mary Kaiser (Boulder, CO) is somatic coach with over 25 years of expertise working with entrepreneurs, business leaders and individuals to help identify their strengths and apply those talents successfully in the workplace. She has worked across all levels of leadership to grow and develop teams and improve corporate cultures. Her experience includes 10 years of consulting work with Accenture and 18 years of professional consulting and executive coaching with corporate clients and small to mid-sized businesses and professionals. Mary’s areas of specialization include strengths assessments; talent selection; onboarding; team building; leadership and organizational development; transition coaching; cultural assessments and personal branding. Her greatest talent and most rewarding attribute is her ability to provide a quick, accurate and actionable assessment of an individual’s strengths and to help them embrace their strengths to achieve positive outcomes in their personal and professional life. Mary has a master’s degree in Organizational Development from Loyola University, she has coaching certifications from Strozzi Institute, CTI and Neuroscience Leadership Group. She is a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine.