Marietta Vis, PCC
Domains: Master Somatic Coach & Leadership Coach (ICF certified PCC), Psychologist
Other: 1:1 Somatic Leadership Coaching; Strozzi bodywork; Team-coaching; Cohort programs for women leaders: Live the Life You Aspire
Phone: 240-899-3039

I am convinced that truly ‘seeing yourself’ and ‘being seen’  are basic human needs, and necessary for growth and development.  As a coach I see my client’s full potential. I work with leaders who want to be the best version of themselves in this fast-paced world, stay true to what they care about, and lead with purpose and presence.


I am a leadership coach, embodied change expert and team development facilitator. For over 25 years it has been my passion to help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations who want to reconnect to their purpose and to what really matters to them. The most effective way to find that real, lasting change is to work with the whole person – by integrating mind and body I can guide clients to fully thrive at work. 


My personal story

I have always been fascinated by people and their ability to learn, develop themselves and grow. It is truly amazing how adaptive we are as humans. How we evolve throughout our lives. That is why I chose to study Psychology and, later on, became a university lecturer while studying Elementary Education. Looking back, I now see it as a missed opportunity that the body was considered irrelevant in the learning process. As a teacher, at some point I was no longer satisfied just increasing my students’ cognitive knowledge; I was more interested in helping them how to get through their college years! Clearly I was missing something fundamental. 

Since then I have extensively studied the art of Embodied Leadership. In my work with mission-driven leaders I invite them to explore Embodied self-awareness. This is the starting point of an in-depth journey to a future the leader aspires. Our habitual ways of reacting in high-pressure situations can get in the way of living from a sense of purpose in alignment with our values. Our subconscious habitual ways originated early in life for the sake of keeping us safe. But now they might offer a false sense of safety that hinders us to lead a fulfilled life and thrive at work. In the coaching work the embodied practices will help shift the Leadership Presence and further integrate this new way of being. 


Why I do what I do

My own personal journey to the change I had been craving, made me realize I wanted to share this with others.  To bring new awareness where there was none and to open the door to including the body as an intelligent unity. Through my whole-person coaching I enable leaders to connect to what matters most to them. Which makes a huge difference in the way they deal with the challenges they face in today’s complex world. It is my passion to guide you on your way to learning and change. Whether it is for you, your team or your organization. 


Education and Certifications

  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University
  • Certified Master Somatic Coach, Strozzi Institute
  • MA in Psychology, Leiden University, the Netherlands
  • BA in Primary School Education, the Netherlands
  • Certified Critical Alignment Yoga Teacher, the Netherlands