Lennon Molofsky
Domains: Leadership, Personal
Other: Somatic Bodywork available
Email: lennonmolofsky@gmail.com
Phone: (707) 484-9344
Website: www.molofskysomatics.com

Lennon Molofsky (Petaluma, CA) is certified through the Strozzi Institute as a somatic coach and bodyworker and has been in the field of somatics since 2o13.

In his work with clients, Lennon understands that the life of the body is the entry point for how we learn to direct our lives and uproot old patterns and old self-narratives. He works with people with an array of concerns, and the population he supports best are those struggling with anxiety and those learning to trust and believe in themselves.

Lennon draws heavily from his trainings as a somatic bodyworker, and he consults regularly with mentors and colleagues in order to offer his clients the best coaching and bodywork possible.