Lennon Molofsky
Domains: Leadership, Personal
Other: Somatic Bodywork available
Email: lennonmolofsky@gmail.com
Phone: (707) 484-9344
Website: mindbodysomatics.com

I’m certified through the Strozzi Institute, and practice Somatic Bodywork and Coaching in person in Petaluma, California, as well as on Zoom. Mympassion for the deep healing power and effectiveness of somatic bodywork was ignited initially as a client. Since 2013, I have immersed myself in Somatics and mentorships with masters in the field. In 2017, I began the coursework at Strozzi Institute to become certified.

I started this practice after seeing clients release stuck contractions in their bodies and let go of long-held emotions and pain. The results were clients who walked away from my sessions more connected to their authentic selves. As a result of my commitment to this craft, I was selected as an on-site bodyworker for participants enrolled in coursework at the Strozzi Institute.

Your body’s way of responding to stress lives in the context of your personal history (including race, religion, gender identity) and the people and cultural institutions that shaped you. I have seen again and again that living in our bodies creates self-trust, self-connection, and self-care.