Leela Kirloskar
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Leela Kirloskar (Bangalore, India) is an embodied leadership coach and facilitator with close to three decades of highly diverse global experience, helping individuals, teams and organisations cultivate spirited leadership to live and work with meaning and purpose. She has worked with clients across pharma, mining, steel, gas, insurance, retail, banking, finance, not-for-profit, start-ups, supply chain logistics, IT, consulting, aviation, design and automotive industries, at the senior and top management levels, including CEOs, CXOs, founders and core leadership.

Leela is associated with premier leadership networks such as Aberkyn (McKinsey); C2C Organizational Development; and Kincentric, to design and deliver highly experiential and immersive leadership modules, powering conscious leadership and expanding human potential. Topics cover personal mastery, relationship mastery, business mastery and leadership presence, creating awareness, building generative embodied capability, inspiring high performance, supporting personal and cultural transformation and enabling lasting change.

She is a certified Strozzi Somatic Coach, a certified Newfield Network Coach, certified in Leadership Circle Profile and has completed over 300 hours of Vipassana meditation. She is also a Strozzi Institute Teacher in Training and is undergoing a Team Coaching certification program from The Coach Partnership, Singapore.

Leela commits to radiating power, purpose and joy, blending her experience, lineage and teaching competencies to serve clients with wisdom and clarity.