Lacinda Coughlan
Domains: Executive, Corporate/Business, Individual, Leadership
Other: Somatic Bodywork available
Phone: 703.791.9497

Lacinda Coughlan (Northern Virginia USA):  Imagine no longer searching for those things that are wrong with you or searching for what’s missing in your leadership. Imagine the energy freed up to instead live a life aligned with what you love and care about and experiencing the capacity to be the leader you know you can be. That is the essence of the way Lacinda coaches.  By working with and through the body she leverages somatic leadership coaching and somatic bodywork to address deep rooted habits and conditioning that may be preventing clients from living a life aligned with their current priorities.

Lacinda believes living one’s full potential is accessible to everyone and she co-creates a journey for clients to increase their capacity to realize the life they envision. Together with clients, she co-creates a transformative journey focused on:  AWARENESS, CONNECTION, and EMBODIMENT.

By working through the body and addressing deep rooted habits and conditioning and how it impacts your leadership and life, her clients dive deep into the waters of transformation.  In person and virtual coaching available.  Bodywork available.  For more information: