Coach J Sikes
Domains: Leadership Coach, Personal Coach, Somatic Bodywork
Other: In Person, Zoom/ Online
Phone: 510.452.7345

J is a queer, non-binary, and trans somatic coach with over 25 years of experience in public education and 10 years coaching. J has been a public school teacher, an administrator, and coached school leaders, as well as clients from a range of backgrounds. As an ICF PCC-certified professional and a graduate of the Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Program, J holds a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and has a passion for empowering individuals on their transformative journeys. Their coaching approach fosters inclusivity, authenticity, and personal growth, creating a safe space for clients to explore their potential and create sustainable change. J works primarily with non-binary and LGBTQ identified clients and educators. As your coach, J will help you to embark on a transformative path towards holistic well-being and self-discovery. Let’s do this!