Frethman Hervas
Frethman Hervas
Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal
Other: In Person, Zoom/ Online
Phone: +593992422042

Human being, father, son, friend and professional committed to Personal-Professional Growth, Development of Conscious Leadership, Life Skills, and the Well-being of Society. I consistently share learning and practices that I have been integrating into myself from my own experience.

What inspires me:  “Be the Change You Want to see in the World” (Mahatma Gandhi)

MBA, Mentor-Coach expert in Emotional Intelligence and Embodied Leadership. I have more than 25 years of experience in different Leadership positions in the organizational and educational world, dedicated also to designing and delivering Professional and Soft/Leadership Skills Development programs. Certified Executive Coach (TEC Monterrey), Master Practitioner in NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming (Neuroing), and Strategic Leadership Program (Adolfo Ibañez University). I completed the BODY=BRAIN Neuroscience applied to the Emotional Intelligence development Program (Embrigth). In 2020 I received the diploma IPNB Interpersonal Neurobiology (Mindsight Institute|Dr. Dan Siegel), neuroscience and contemplative practices based program aimed to improving Human Well-being. I currently start the third year –the last– of the Trauma Work Program (Somatic Experience Institute|Dr. Peter Levine).