Duncan Alldridge
Duncan Alldridge
Domains: Leadership Coach, Personal Coach
Other: In Person, Zoom/ Online
Email: hello@duncanalldridge.com
Phone: +447909618896
Website: www.duncanalldridge.com

Duncan Alldridge (London, UK) works with clients to help them create embodied, powerful and meaningful impact. His work moves clients beyond conventional technique, encouraging them to bring attention to their relationship with themselves, their audience, and the space into which they move and speak. He fuses modalities of somatics, improvisation and movement, and uses a range of theatre experience to invite authenticity, playfulness, and aliveness to the body.

Before coaching, Duncan worked extensively in theatre and education as a teacher, performer and director. His work with teams encourages improvisation and play to create trust, to build sustainable relationships and realise powerful team outcomes. He’s committed to supporting emotional well-being, and equipping clients with sustainable practices empowering them to manage their energy, make behavioural change, and ultimately progress towards what they care about at home and at work.

He offers leadership coaching to organisations and works 1to1 somatically with clients in both professional and personal domains.