Boudewijn Bertsch
Domains: Corporate/Business, Executive, Leadership, Personal
Phone: 718.832.6174

Boudewijn Bertsch (New York City, NY) is a commitment to helping clients  bring out the best in themselves and others. His unique strength is in meeting individuals where they are in life, without judgement, and provoking new thinking and doing. Boudewijn facilitates leadership workshops for global companies and co-designs solutions with individuals and teams. His inclusive leadership approach draws on insights from neuroscience, biology, positive psychology, economics, and systems and complexity theory. Boudewijn is also a Strozzi-certified somatic coach, an executive and life coach, and an accredited practitioner of the Hay Emotional and Social Competence Inventory. Born into a Dutch-Indonesian family and educated in the Netherlands and Japan as a business economist, Boudewijn  resides in New York and enjoys working across cultures to create rich and varied solutions. With his wife, an international diabetes advocate, he is developing a flourishing treatment approach for chronic illness. Helping others see wider possibilities, Boudewijn takes pride in his accomplishments – global consultant and trusted advisor, student of Qigong and Asian philosophy, playing chess with inmates in a maximum security prison (and not letting them win) and receiving a standing ovation for his piano playing in the Marylebone tube station.