Beata C. Lewis
Domains: Leadership, Executive, Corporate/Business, Personal
Other: Bodywork available
Phone: 415.332.8338

Beata C. Lewis, JD, MSC (Santa Fe, NM) – Executive Coach & Change Consultant – has 25+ years’ experience partnering with business owners, senior leaders, and knowledge professionals to evolve and attain leadership goals with new levels of effectiveness and growth. She is the founder of Bridging Lives LLC, offering services as an executive coach, mediator, and collaborative process consultant. Attuned to the Competence-Plus needs of highly accomplished experts who lead, Beata draws on a wide variety of developmental frameworks, expertise in negotiation, insights from social neuroscience, consciousness studies, and experience in the arts. Beata was Adjunct Faculty for leading sustainable enterprise (Green MBA) and is the author of an independent qualitative study, The Feminine Face of Leadership in Science. Multi-lingual (fluent in German) with rich experience living and working overseas, Beata is attuned to diversity and cross-cultural dynamics for leaders. Beata helps clients navigate organizational complexity and emergent issues, cultivate engagement for diverse teams, grow in their personal and  leadership mastery, and achieve critical business objectives. Her coaching uniquely integrates interpersonal dynamics, systemics, and conversational intelligence with somatic practices so clients fine-tune and authentically embody changes for positive impact.