barbara moore
Barbara Moore
Domains: Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate/ Business Coach, Personal Coach, Somatic Bodywork
Other: Zoom/ Online
Phone: 919-270-8103

What is your hearts longing? If you are looking for a coach you are already in some sort of
change or transformation. Hats off to you. With over 15,500 coaching sessions and counting,
Barbara is still curious and loving this work, assisting folks personally as well as professionally.
She is a Certified Somatic Coach with a private practice.

Barbara works with: individuals who are navigating life, leaders, directors, coaches, therapists,
business owners, HR professionals — to build a somatic literacy, deepen their intuition and
make connections between body, mind and spirit. She helps her clients build a somatic
relevance in: how the way we sit, stand, speak and move impacts how you see and respond to
the world, and in turn how the world sees and responds to them. Her calm confidence builds
trust. Her ability to laugh, invites openness. Her commitment to the work is steady. Barbara
works domestically and internationally.