Associate Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Strozzi Institute (“SI”) has a special methodology that is relevant to many domains. This methodology is comprised of our distinctions, practices and wisdom in integrating linguistic coordination, verbal and non-verbal communication, presence, biology, and somatic sensibility. We look forward to building alliances with you, our Associates, to bring this methodology to a broader audience. SI agrees to:
  • List Associate and their contact information on our website, and promote their work where appropriate. (See Associate Website Bio document.) Our website has the capacity to search for an Associate by name, location, domain of coaching, and for bodyworkers.
  • Refer students and clients to Associate as appropriate, either for individual work or in conjunction with a coaching package offer (see “Coaching Package”)
  • Offer a discount to Associates for the following SI courses they wish to attend to enhance their education.
    • Embodied LeadershipEL1 or EL2 – $1,950; Associate tuition – $800
    • Cultivating Mastery: Tuition $2,450; Associate tuition – $2,205
    • Somatic Bodywork Seminar Level One: Tuition – $1,950; Associate tuition – $1,657
    • SOEL: Tuition – $5,450; Associate tuition – $4,400
    • Somatics, Trauma & Resilience: Tuition $1,950; Associate tuition – $1,657
  • Offer a10% discount for SI courses to Associate’s immediate family. (Excludes other discounts)
  • Coaching Package – Refer Associate to participants in Strozzi Institute’s Embodied Leadership program, which offers a coaching package of 6-hours (See Coaching Package Document).
  • Make available relevant SI handouts and papers for use by Associates in their coaching engagements. We request that Associates acknowledge and attribute the discourse of SI where appropriate (See “Intellectual Property”)
  • Invite Associates to participate in four Associate conference calls annually to enhance their learning.
SI Associate agrees to:
  • Stay in good standing with SI and the SI community.
  • Not to train others in SI methodology, either publicly or privately.
  • Act ethically and morally with SI, colleagues, peers, and clients.
  • Acknowledge SI as the origin of the somatic methodology in your work.
  • Look for opportunities to direct individuals towards SI’s courses as appropriate.
  • Pay the annual fee by the published date.
  • Accept clients at the Coaching Package rate of $900 ($1,200 paid by student), invoice and assessment protocols (See attached “Coaching Package”)
  • Link your website to SI’s website and show the Strozzi Institute Somatics logo on your website.
  • Intellectual Property honored (see below)

Intellectual Property

SI encourages people to use the somatic methodology they have learned through studying at SI. The SI Somatic Coach Program trains individuals to use the SI somatic methodology in one-on-one coaching situations. However, if you use SI methodology with groups, either in the public domain or working directly in organizations, we ask that you formalize an intellectual property and usage agreement with SI. The IP agreement provides permission for the use of SI’s intellectual property including the following: SI somatic distinctions, the overarching somatic methodology, practices, somatic processes and language, papers, handouts and other materials. We want to ensure that the quality of SI work in the world reflects the quality one experiences at SI. Please contact the office to learn more about the Intellectual Property Agreement.


In order to provide you with the advantages of a known and protected brand, and to respect the source of the Intellectual Property, we ask that you include SI’s logo, name, and a link to the SI website on your electronic and print marketing materials that incorporate any SI material or practices. This includes your brochures, web sites, social media sites such as Facebook, and other networking sites, materials and handouts, marketing materials, coaching materials, and business cards. Once we have completed this agreement, you will receive a link to the logo files. Strozzi Institute Methodology Brand Mark                            We have created a branding mark for the SI methodology, to be used consistently by those using and integrating the SI methodology. To read more about this please see the “Use of Logo”

Use of Logo

Strozzi Institute Methodology Brand Mark                We have created a branding mark for the Strozzi Institute methodology, to be used consistently by those using and integrating the SI methodology. We have done this for several reasons, namely: Quality. As SI Somatics grows and the general field of Somatics gets more popular, we want to keep a high level of quality in the discourse. Currently there are few distinctions that the general public has regarding somatics; anything related to the “body” could be called somatics. With the SI Somatics logo we are naming and branding the discourse, showing there is a holistic methodology behind it, and that we as a wide variety of practitioners are using this methodology in its entirety (rather than doing body-based exercises). As somatics becomes more widespread, the SI Somatics logo will become a measure of quality. Begin to Set Standards for the Field. There are no standards in place as yet for somatics. We are committed to participating in and helping to set a high-quality standard for Somatics, not only in its use for therapeutic work—which is where most people know of it now—but also for its use in coaching, organization development, leadership development, and social movement work. As we use the SI Somatics logo, we also begin to distinguish standards and help define the field. Build Identity. Using the SI Somatics mark across various types of work from coaching, to leadership development, to corporate and social change organizations, by masterful practitioners will help build identity for all of us. The more high-quality work done through this methodology, the more people will be looking for it and seek it out. Living Lineage. The SI Somatics work comes from a long lineage, including more than 40 years of integrative and innovative work. The SI Somatics mark acknowledges that we are all a part of this living lineage. Embodiment of the Discourse. Using the SI Somatics mark represents that the practitioners using the work have a fundamental embodiment of the discourse. This will be a standard of quality that we will all want to keep.

Coaching Rates

The SI Coaching and Bodywork Rates Associates are welcome to set their own rates with clients who contact them via Strozzi Institute, whether these clients are currently students at Strozzi Institute or not. We encourage coaches and bodyworkers to offer sliding-scale rates, in order to make their services available to people with less access to resources. While coaches are chosen by the students, when asked SI makes recommendations for coaches based on location, assessment of domain of expertise, and compatibility. Associates will pay SI a $70 flat fee per session for any bodywork or coaching provided to a client at the SI facility during courses. Standard bodywork session fees at SI are $185. This payment is due and payable at the time of service. Associate’s $70 fee to SI is reduced in the case of sliding-scale payments: The SI fee is whatever amount the client pays above $115; if the client pays $115 or less, no fee is due to SI.

Associate Referral Agreement

Associate Referral Commissions (for courses based in the U.S. only) We know that the SI experience can be transformative, and we encourage you to refer those that would benefit from our work to the public courses. As individuals moving in the world, you are the most important marketing we have. We ask students to identify on their registration “Who referred you to SI?” This is what determines the referral source. Guidelines for a referral commission are as follows:
  1. Associates are eligible for a 15% commission if you “enroll” a student in a course at Strozzi Institute. “Enroll” is defined as ready to register and pay for the course. As you know, it can take time and several conversations with someone to build trust and share the value of the work at Strozzi Institute. While it is to be expected that a new student may want to have a final conversation with SI to clarify logistical details, we would not consider the student “enrolled” if a sales conversation or multiple conversations about the course are required.
  2. A commission of 15% of the new student’s full payment is made to the associate after the student’s completion of the course. It is imperative that the student let us know that you enrolled them in the course by indicating you on their registration “referred by”. If we do not know that you were involved in their registration, we will not know that you are due a commission. We ask you to be responsible for making sure that the student informs us of your referral PRIOR to the student’s attendance in the course.
  3. If a student signs up for multiple courses upon their initial registration, you are eligible for 15% of their multiple course payment to SI. Commission payments are made as the student completes each of the various courses. In the case of multiple course commissions, lump sum commissions will not be paid out prior to the completion of each of the courses.
  4. If you sign a student up for a single course, Leadership in Action One for example, you are due a commission for that sale. If that same student continues on to study with SI you are not eligible for commission on their subsequent courses. (Again, you are only eligible for a commission on a new student’s initial registration with SI.)
  5. You may choose to offer your 15% commission to the student. If you have “enrolled” the student in the course, but do not want to accept the commission for any reason, you may offer the student the 15% as a discount on their course (please check with SI office about applicability of combined discounts).
  6. If a student lists multiple alumni as their referral source, the 15% fee will be split.
  7. If “special financial arrangements” are required for a person to be able to attend (i.e. scholarship, work exchange, etc.), the commission is voided.
  8. If a student enrolls after attending an SI event (workshop, presentation/booth at a conference, etc.) the commission is voided.
 Questions? Contact or 510.444.1232 x10