We offer unique advanced training courses for individuals, practitioners, coaches, and organizations seeking to build on foundational knowledge — and incorporate progressive mastery of somatics into their personal and professional lives. You’ll work intimately with our first-class team of teachers to foster breakthroughs in a safe space, receive personalized training and growth — and continue to advance your knowledge and use of the body as a tool for long-lasting transformation.

Successful completion of our Embodied Transformation course is a prerequisite for these next steps. If you have not completed this course, please click here to learn how you can take part in the next Embodied Transformation cohort.

Somatic Coaching Certification Programs

Somatic Coaching Certification Program

An immersive 8 month certification program
Fall cohort begins October 27, 2022 | Spring cohort begins March 9, 2023

Embodied Transformation course is a prerequisite.

A combination of in-person sessions and online resources. Experience how somatic awareness, opening, and practices can help you move from intellectual coaching to deep transformational work — and empower you and your clients to achieve more. 

Somatic Coaching Intensive

4-Day Training at the Dojo in Petaluma, CA November 3-6, 2022

This course was crafted by our senior teaching team based on the requests and curiosities of our certified coaching graduates. Join us to cultivate the confidence and competency needed to move your clients through the arc of transformation.

Advanced Somatic Coaching Certification

Multi-day Training at the Dojo in Petaluma, CA

Our Advanced Somatic Coaching Certification program offers an ongoing path for Somatic Coaches who have completed our Somatic Coaching Certification

Advanced Somatic Coursework

Leadership & Embodiment

4-day Training at the Dojo in Petaluma, CA November 10 – 13, 2022

Embodied Transformation or its online equivalent is a prerequisite 

In our introductory courses, you learned foundational embodied practices in service of the powerful commitments you crafted toward your life and leadership. Continue your somatic journey to become a more effective leader while continuing to build somatic skills to confidently embody the leader you want to be.

Somatic Bodywork Level One

5-day Training at the Dojo in Petaluma, CA November 16-20, 2022

Embodied Transformation course is a prerequisite.

In this level one advanced course, you’ll learn how to utilize breath, movement, touch, energy, and the physical body to create sustainable change in your personal journey and professional work. Create a safe, compassionate sphere for client work.

Somatic Bodywork Level Two

5-day Training at the Dojo in Petaluma, CA

Embodied Transformation course is a prerequisite.

Continue the work you started in Somatic Bodywork: Level One. In this course, you’ll learn how the soma holds our evolutionary thrust towards wholeness, complexity, interconnectedness, and love — and how to free these virtues from habituated contractions.

Somatics, Trauma & Resilience

4-day Training at the Dojo in Petaluma, CA June 8-11, 2023

Embodied Transformation course is a prerequisite.

Recognize conditioned tendencies that stem from trauma and learn to take new actions aligned with your values and vision. Address historical wounds and generate safety from within.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Individualized Sessions

The Strozzi Institute Teacher Training Program (SITT) prepares participants to teach Strozzi Institute’s Embodied Leadership programs, our certified Somatic Coaching Program, and are within our corporate partnerships. We take our teacher development seriously!

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