Advanced Programs
Advanced Training in Embodied Leadership and Somatic Coaching
Go Even Deeper Into Your Journey
Strozzi Institute offers ongoing learning opportunities for deepening in Somatic Coaching, embodied leadership, and cultivation of the self. These programs are largely focused on mastery, deepening both individual and team leadership, as well as coaching skills. These courses and practices further an embodied sensibility and cultivate your human capacity for vision, empathy, and using conflict as a generative force, and grow your ability to hold contradictions and stay in life-affirming action. 

The prerequisites are listed below per course. Though some courses do not require any previous participation with Strozzi Institute, most participants in our Advanced Programs have at least taken Leadership in Action One, the first program in our
Embodied Leadership Pathway.
Virtual Dojo: An Online Community to Build and Sustain Your Practice
Prerequisite: Embodied Leadership Level One (Formerly Leadership in Action One) or School of Embodied Leadership, both found in our Embodied Leadership Pathway.

Virtual Dojo is a virtual online practice community that provides the structure and support to build and sustain your practice. We are what we practice! Practice converts your longing into the action and the embodiment that will bring you closer to what you care most about and produce sustainable change. Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Staci K. Haines, and other senior teachers lead this ongoing course. Advance your vision for the future with a community of committed students and practice partners.

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Somatics, Trauma, and Resilience
Prerequisite: Embodied Leadership Level One (Formerly Leadership in Action One) or School of Embodied Leadership, both found in our Embodied Leadership Pathway.

Transform your own trauma. Remove blocks that hinder your leadership abilities. Deepen your somatic transformation work with clients. This course is designed for leaders and coaches who want to successfully heal personal and collective trauma. Trauma deeply impacts our own and our client’s sense of safety, connection and dignity. The symptoms of these experiences—such as lack of trust, sense of shame, need to protect, hypervigilance and dissociation—tend to last long after the experiences are over. Our proven somatic methodology transforms survival reactions and traumatic experiences that have long been withheld so they can complete and mend. Gain the freedom to make new choices and move toward an empowered vision of your life. 

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Cultivating Mastery
Prerequisite: This program is designed for advanced students who have been on the path of Strozzi Institute Somatics, in theory and practice, for over two years.

Take your leadership to the next level of mastery and deepen your understanding of somatic theory in this advanced course led by the originator of embodied leadership, Richard Strozzi-Heckler. This 5-day program introduces the latest innovations in somatic theory and somatics as path. This year, the theme is “The Unbounded State” and explores the rich terrain of somatic openings as an integral part of awakening and creating a fulfilling life. In this course, students cultivate depth, authenticity, wisdom, centered action, and engagement with complexity. We are inviting individuals who are committed as lifelong learners to the next embodied declaration of a compelling life.

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Master Somatic Coaching Certification
Prerequisite: Somatic Coaching Certification Program

Our Master Somatic Coach Certification Program offers an ongoing path for Somatic Coaches to move from the fundamentals to the embodiment of powerful and transformative somatic skills. This program is designed for advanced students who have completed their Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification, and are ready to partner with clients in deeper and more potent ways.

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Somatic Bodywork Seminar
Prerequisite: Embodied Leadership Level One (Formerly Leadership in Action One), the first program in our Embodied Leadership Pathway (strongly recommended)

This Somatic Bodywork Seminar is designed to produce profound, sustainable change of one’s core historical limitations, and as such, it is a valuable training whether you’re a coach, business professional, or moving through your own personal transformation. You will experience how the self and body are bound together, develop an understanding of the principles of Strozzi Institute Somatics, and explore the Strozzi Institute Somatic Bodywork process. It is a powerful way to develop an empathetic, compassionate presence, and build trust while working with others in a variety of emotional states. If you are new to Strozzi Institute Somatics, please contact the office to explore course options.

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Level Two Somatic Bodywork Seminar
Prerequisite: Somatic Bodywork Seminar

The Level Two Somatic Bodywork Seminar is designed for practicing coaches and practitioners in the field of Somatics who want to deepen their understanding of the soma and how we transform through the body. You will learn to navigate a client through the Somatic Arc of Transformation, from a historical somatic shape that no longer serves them to a new shape that is congruent with their present vision and goals. You will learn Somatic Anatomy, an experiential process of learning the anatomical history of our somatic shaping and how that shape transforms.

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Movement and Stillness: A Silent Meditation Retreat
Taught by Strozzi Institute founder, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, this is a 6-day retreat offered at the Dojo in Petaluma, CA. This silent retreat combines sitting and walking meditation with somatic practice. New and seasoned meditation practitioners are welcome. Teacher compensation is in the open-hearted tradition of donation - the fee for the course only covers costs; the teacher receives no other compensation.

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One-on-One Coaching
Strozzi Institute offers individuals the unique opportunity to be coached one-on-one by an experienced coach practitioner. This deep, hands-on work extends beyond the theoretical aspects of traditional coaching, routinely delivering significant breakthroughs for our clients.

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Teacher Training
The aim of the Strozzi Institute Teacher Training Program (SITT) is to develop depthful and embodied teachers of Strozzi Institute’s methodology. The SITT participants are prepared to teach Strozzi Institute’s Embodied Leadership programs, our certified Somatic Coaching Program, and within our corporate partnerships. Strozzi Institute teachers are the embodiment of Strozzi Institute and our work in the world, expressing our mission, the Strozzi Institute Methodology, our brand, and our best practices. We take our teacher development seriously, and love doing it!

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