What is Somatics?

Soma comes from the Greek word for “living organism in its wholeness” and is more than our mind, body, and spirit. Soma is the integrated embodiment of our entire being. From this lens, we can see both the impact of trauma and experience of healing as deeply intertwined with all aspects of our essentiality.

Somatics is a theory of change that places the body at the center of our evolutionary intelligence, adaptation, and learning. Somatics sees the body as inseparable from the whole self, and as a vehicle through which to accelerate growth.  

Somatics in practice works through the body to engage our thinking, emotions, commitments, vision, and action to move towards our true self and highest desires.

What is Strozzi Somatics?

Strozzi Institute is a network of dedicated teachers with advanced training in somatics theory and practice. We provide an evolving methodology that assesses culturally conditioned tendencies and uses the body and shaping — a term to describe how we physically hold and embody conditioning, even when it doesn’t align with our values — to support long-lasting transformation for individuals and the collective.

At Strozzi Institute, our goal is to empower individuals and the collective to recognize and move through conditioned tendencies and historical shaping that restrain growth and to identify and hold consciously chosen values front and center. We provide training and tools that utilize the body and somatic practices to support embodiment of life-giving visions and values to achieve transformation and true desires.

With 45 years of development and experience, we have fine-tuned a unique and powerful methodology that produces sustained change, reliably. Strozzi Somatics teaches the “how” in actualizing the best leadership and coaching ideas, theories, and intentions — not just for individuals, but for coaches, teams, and companies around the world.

Strozzi Institute’s methodologies empower transformational change through the body.

What Can You Expect When Studying with Us?

Strozzi has some of the most highly acclaimed teachers in the transformational space. When joining our Strozzi community, you can expect support from both our teachers and like-minded community, connection with others interested in personal and collective growth, a safe, culturally sensitive and celebratory environment, and experiences personalized to the uniqueness of each individual.

We use physical exercises to practice such concepts as boundary setting, centering, and resetting to our personal goals. Based on the ancient Japanese tradition of Dōjō, we inform our intellect with movement, breath exercises, and physical consciousness, connecting the physical with mental intention to achieve true embodiment of our values.

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Strozzi Somatics & Embodied Learning Methodology

Three Aspects to Somatic Transformation

Are your practices aligned with who you are and who you want to become?

Somatics invites us to look in a whole new way at the ways we change and transform — as you move toward the future life you desire. Join Strozzi instructor Staci Haines as she briefly explains how somatic awareness, somatic practices, and somatic opening impact your life.